PILF Bookstore

PILF operates a used bookstore each semester. All of the money raised from the bookstore goes to the Community Grants and Student Funded Fellowship programs.

Where: The PILF bookstore is located on the first floor of Wien Hall.

When: The bookstore is open to students at the beginning of each semester. Hours are set each semester and publicized to the student body.

Prices: Textbooks sell for $40 and study aids and other books sell for $20. No refunds.

Please note: PILF does not maintain a list of the required textbooks for each professor's class. Please check with your professor's syllabus or the university bookstore before coming to the PILF bookstore.

Donate: PILF will gladly accept donations of textbooks and study guides. A permanent PILF dropbox is located in Jerome Greene Hall (at the end of the east hall outside JG 106) and extra collection boxes are placed in the law school at the end of each academic semester. If you have any questions about donating books, please contact Megan Fitzgerald.