Spring 1999 Postcrypt Coffeehouse Schedule

Postcrypt Coffeehouse

The Postcrypt Coffeehouse is located in the basement of St. Paul's Chapel
on the campus of Columbia University in New York City.  We feature live
acoustic music from both local and national acts.  When we say acoustic,
we really mean it; there are no microphones.  Columbia is located at 116th
St. and Broadway and is accessible by the 1 and 9 subways.  Admission is
always free and open to all.  Performances start at 9PM and generally run
through 12:30AM on every Friday and Saturday during the school year..  For
more info, call (212) 854-1953 or send email to postcrypt@columbia.edu
Please browse our World Wide Web page at

Spring 1999 Schedule

(Performers are listed in order of appearance: 9 o'clock, 10 o'clock and
11 o'clock)

Friday 5 February

Anne Heaton  --  Anne O'Meara Heaton has been performing all over New York
 City since moving to the Northeast from Chicago.  She has a great voice,
 is a terrific piano player and plays a mix of folk, alternative-pop and a
 little jazz.  Over the years, she has studied classical piano, sung with
 rock bands, a gospel choir, a Latin band and part of a vocal ensemble
 with jazz great Max Roach.  Her music has been compared to that of Tori
 Amos and Sarah MacLachlan.  She sings emotionally packed tunes that will
 set your heart aflame.  Please welcome her to the Postcrypt.
Mary Gauthier  --  Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Mary Gauthier studied
 philosophy in college but then headed off to study culinary arts.  She
 opened two successful restaurants but recently sold Boston's Dixie
 Kitchen in order to take up a musical career.  Never one to forget her
 roots, Gauthier named her first album Dixie Kitchen.  On her success in
 Boston, she received a Boston Music Award nomination for Best New
 Contemporary Folk Act in 1998.  Following in the tradition of Nanci
 Griffith and Iris DeMent (or, according to the Boston Globe, John Prine
 and Steve Earle), Gauthier bridges the folk-country divide with her bayou
 voice and southern heart.
Andrew Kerr  --  Andrew started his performing career doing stand-up
 comedy in college.  After graduating in 1992, he moved to Philadelphia to
 begin his music career.  After relocating to New York City in 1995, he
 caught the attention of The Fast Folk Cafe management, and was asked to
 host the weekly open-mike.  For two years, he held this role, drawing
 record-high attendance and participation with his energy and wit.
 Richard Cuccaro of The Fast Folk Cafe described him as "Conan O'Brien
 meets James Taylor" while Nebula Music Magazine cited hints of Elvis
 Costello, Richard Thompson and Peter Case.  He's been a great favorite of
 Postcrypt audiences in the past, and we hope you'll like him, too.  We
 think Andrew is a great way to begin our 1999 season.

Saturday 6 February

Margo Hennebach with Mark Saunders --  Margo Hennebach and her husband
 Mark Saunders blend world folk, pop, rock and Celtic sensibilities into
 an exciting folk fusion.  Hennebach was trained as a pianist at Oberlin
 Conservatory and holds a master's degree in music therapy.  Saunders is a
 graduate of Hartford Conservatory, where he studied classical guitar.
 Sing Out! magazine calls her "captivating," and we think so, too.
Pat Humphries  --  When Pat Humphries sings, her voice has the power and
 conviction to hush an audience.  The inclusive quality of her performance
 informs, inspires, motivates and helps people keep alive the spirit of
 community.  Her moving songs and beautiful melodies address a wide range
 of social issues: peace, justice, the environment, as well as the rights
 of women, gays, lesbians, the people of Latin America and the Caribbean,
 native people and poor and working people all around the world.  The
 honesty and strength of her presence move the audience to relate these
 political issues to themselves in the context of their own community.
 Whether filling a room with a rich a capella song or accompanying herself
 on banjo or guitar, Pat's selection of songs will make you think, feel,
 laugh, cry and join in.
Petronella  --  Perennial Postcrypt favorite Petronella is an exciting and
 original new voice in folk music. With rich harmonies, savvy lyrics, and
 an off-beat sensibility, Petronella captivates audiences on stage and on
 the air. The duo's beautifully interwoven vocals and strong guitar
 foundation are the hallmark of their sound, fusing diverse folk, pop and
 traditional influences.  Petronella's songs engage issues of love,
 gender, and social justice.  Petronella is Sandy Opatow and Lucia
 Russett. The two women have shared ten years of music-making and
 friendship since their meeting at Bryn Mawr College and, at their fifth
 year reunion, launched their career as Petronella.  They are organizers
 of the annual WomenFolk concert tour. 

Friday 12 February

Ron Renninger  --  No less an authority that John Hammond, Sr. of Columbia
 Records has called Ron "an excellent and spirited musical interpreter."
 Christine Lavin says that hearing Ron reminds her of why she decided to
 become involved in music in the first place.  His three CD's of acoustic
 music have received rave reviews across the board, and Ron has also
 played rhythm guitar for Chuck Berry and appeared as a studio musician on
 numerous albums.
Edie Carey  --  According to Richard Cuccaro of The Fast Folk Cafe. "Edie
 Carey's soaring voice and breathy vocal attack may remind some of Ani
 Difranco.  However, her growing legion of fans know that Edie's clever
 lyrics on the inconsistencies of romance fall closer to wry humor that
 they do to Ani's angst. Another folk diva has arrived!"  She loves to
 play at the Postcrypt and always puts on a good show.
Adam Rothberg  --  According to Dar Williams, Adam Rotherberg "is simply a
 genius."  She would know, since Rothberg produced her debut CD, The
 Honesty Room.  He has also worked with Cliff Eberhardt, who calls Adam,
 "a great guitar player and an all around accomplished musician."  He
 plays guitar, bass, resonator guitar, piano, mandolin and whatever else
 he can get his hands on.  He released his debut CD in 1997 and will be
 making his Postcrypt debut tonight.  Please welcome him.

Saturday 13 February

Michael Hsu  --  Michael played a few of our open stages, and we liked him
 so much that we've started booking him regularly.  He writes songs of
 true sensibility and sensuality and throws in some great tunes by other
 people. Come down and check him out.
Ratsy  --  Performing Songwriter magazine has said, "Avoid the rush.
 Worship her now."  Ratsy's first CD, "Squished Under a Train," received
 rave critical reviews and was nominated for a Boston Music Award.  Her
 second album is called "The Subway Songstress Years."  She played to a
 packed house last semester; you don't want to miss this self-described
 "songstress girl/superstar."
Ben Demerath  --  Ben Demerath is well-known in the bluegrass world for
 his work with the group Sugarbeat.  But he's equally well-known elsewhere
 for his deft, accomplished songs.  Bluegrass Unlimited has said, "Not
 only can Demerath sing like angels inspired, he's a great songwriter."
 And Tim O'Brien attests "Demerath's a great singer who writes good songs
 and delivers them well."  Please welcome him for his Postcrypt debut!

Friday 19 February

Barbara Kessler  --  Seth Rogovoy of the Bershire Eagle has written,
 "Kessler's was a stunning display of talent, virtuosity and stagecraft,
 all in the service of her rich catalog of songs that stand shoulder to
 shoulder with the best of Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Jonatha
 Brooke.  And by the end of the evening, the intimate crowdrealized it had
 enjoyed a unique opportunity to see a performer of that caliber up close
 and personal."  The Postcrypt provides such a unique opportunity for New
 Yorkers to see this talented and special songwriter and hear her unique
 jazz-inflected guitar playing and rich, stunning voice.
Special Event: Songwriters' Circle with Tina Vero, Andy & Denise and Jody
 Williamson  --  Tina Vero and Andy & Denise have frequented Postcrypt
 open stages in the past and will be making their featured debut along
 with friend Jody Williamson.  These singer-songwriters of acoustic
 contemporary 'pholk' music, keep in mind, with a very high level of
 "ph", have performed together on a regularly basis throughout New York
 and New Jersey at Reminisce, Dark Star Lounge, Rutgers University, Cafe
 52, and The Bitter End.  Hal German of CBS News called Andy & Denise, "A
 bubbling talent that deserves to be listened to."  They will be trading
 stories and swapping songs in a traditional songwriters' circle, and
 you're invited to see it all happen.

Saturday 20 February

Dina Richardson  --  Hailing originally from Long Island, Dina Richardson
 had been writing and performing with various bands from R&B to rock to
 pop.  She has worked with Tears for Fears, Daryl Hall and Ashley Ingrams
 among others.  Her style is a cross between Rickie Lee Jones, Joni
 Mitchell and Shawn Colvin.  Please welcome her for her Postcrypt debut.
Leni Stern  --  Leni Stern is the two-time winner of the Gibson Guitar
 Award for Best Female Jazz Guitarist.  She released eight albums on
 various labels and frequently landed in the top 10 of the jazz radio
 charts before releasing her latest effort, Black Guitar, on her own label
 in the fall of 1997.  On it, she "explores dusky timbres and moods with
 measured wit and irrepressible enthusiasm."  Her voice is just another
 complement to her incredible instrumental playing.  She likes playing at
 the Postcrypt, and we're glad to have her back.
Dave's True Story  --  Combine smoky, sexy vocals with quirky songs about
 love, lust and venetian blinds and you're getting warm, baby.  The New
 York City duo has been dubbed everything from "beat-lounge" to "Cole
 Porter-meets-Seinfeld" to "jazzy stuff for the new cafe society."
 According to their official biography, one of the first gigs they played
 was at the Postcrypt; they didn't even have a name, and "the guy who
 organized it announced us like this: 'I've never heard these guys before
 and I don't know if they're any good, but here they are.'"  The gig
 turned out to be especially formative because as Kelly was introducing
 the song 'Last Go Round', she said, "This next story is a true story,
 it's Dave's true story."  Somebody yelled out: "That's your name". The
 duo was christened Dave's True Story.

Friday 26 February

Special Event: An Evening with Simple Gifts  --  They describe themselves
 as "three women playing 12 instruments perform Romanian, Klezmer,
 Israeli, Irish, English, American and more."  Simple Gifts combine an
 incredible musical background and diversity with a warm, personal and
 humorous stage presence.  Folksinger Sally Rogers says, "In a time when
 new singer-songwriters seem to be all the rage, it is refreshingto hear a
 group like Simple Gifts presenting us with the musical roots that
 influenced many of those writers."  The Postcrypt is very happy to
 present an up-close and personal evening with this unique and amazing
 group.  We hope that you'll join us.

Saturday 27 February

Open Stage -- Folk, blues, bluegrass, jazz, reggae you name it!  We also
 welcome poets, storytellers, actors, comics, and performers of all kinds.
 Performances start at 9:00; sign-up begins promptly at 8:45.  Eight to
 ten minute limit.

Friday 5 March

Jackie Tice  --  Garnering critical acclaim and favorable reviews from
 both radio and print press, Jackie Tice has been witnessing constant
 miracles. Her latest release, "Blue Coyote," (Saja Music), is spinning  
 from New Hampshire to California and in countries such as Australia,
 Italy and Canada.  She has been touted as "one of the Philadelphia area's
 most respected songwriters" and her style has been compared to that of an
 early Joni Mitchell.  Tice has been honing her craft for two decades, and
 her songs are small wonders of hope and survival; they have their own
 inner fire and warmth; they deliver a message enduring and everlasting.
 This will be her second straight semester at the Postcrypt.
Sam Shaber  --  She loves "walking at night," and we love it when she
 walks up to the Postcrypt.  Sam Shaber has become a perennial favorite of
 ours.  Her voice--decorated in hues of Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee
 Jones--pours over her songs like warm honey, inflecting subtle dynamics
 and gently urging on the lyrics that offer the listener brief, if not
 vital, glimpses of the world through her eyes.  These days, she's touring
 around the Northeast and dabbling in various areas of the folk world.
 This is her fourth consecutive semester at the Postcrypt; please welcome
 her back.
The Wicomicos  --  Mikel Campbell and Carmen Yates are the songwriters
 behind The Wicomicos original, soulful, urban folk.  The Daily Hampshire
 Gazette has said, "They play an eclectic assortment of material ranging
 from romantic ballads of days gone by, to upbeat rock, to contemporary
 acoustic folk."  They have been playing the Postcrypt for many years, and
 we're always happy to welcome them back.

Saturday 6 March

The Wiggins Sisters  --  Connecticut-based Mizzy and Casey Wiggins are an
 acoustic folk duo known for their powerful voices and rich sibling
 harmonies.  They meld folk, roots rock and country blues influences into
 songs full of intimacy, humor and resonant images.  They've been featured
 at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and The Bitter End in New York City.
 Please welcome them for their Postcrypt debut.
Akire Bubar  --  Akire Bubar is a spirited performer from Philadelphia
 with an engaging presence and polish.  She had a strong and moving voice
 and is a wonderful guitar player.  Her repertoire encompasses traditional
 folk, the work of contemporaries like Bob Franke and Joni Mitchell and
 her own material.  The Folk Project has described her as "the voice that
 could launch a thousand ships."  Please welcome her for her Postcrypt 
The final performer is T.B.A. for this show.

**Note: The Postcrypt will be on hiatus for two weeks because of Spring

Friday 26 March

Annie Rapid  --  After several years as a freelance architect, Annie Rapid
 began to pursue her true passion: music.  She moved to New York City and
 became a regular at CBGB's, The Bitter End and Tramp's.  She returned to
 Los Angeles where, in 1996, she was recognized as the Best Unsigned
 Artist of the Year.  In 1998, she released Roses and Ash, which received
 airplay on folk radio stations across the country.  She's been touring
 colleges and universities across the country recently.
Terry Kitchen  --  Stephen Ide of Dirty Linen magazine has called Terry
 Kitchen, "One of New Engladn's finest songwriters."  Singer-songwriter
 Vance Gilbert says that he "picks up where Elvis Costello and Tom Waits
 merge and leave off."  He's released four CD's of his songs, and he
 stresses that he's more of a storyteller than a musician.  For several
 years now, Terry has hosted the Night Owl Song Swap at the Falcon Ridge
 Folk Festival.  We're very excited to welcome him to the Postcrypt
Howard Emerson  --  According to LIRock.com, "To call Howard Emerson a
 guitar player is an injustice. No, Howard Emerson is a wizard, an artist
 and a joy who happens to express himself on six strings. Anyone who has
 experienced this man's artistry in a live setting will tell you that the
 above description is no mere exaggeration.  When it comes to
 fingerpicking or slide guitar, Emerson is the man."  Emerson has toured
 for years and has also recorded with Eric Andersen, Billy Joel and
 hundreds of other artists.  He has just released his first CD, an
 all-instrumental collection called Crossing Crystal Lake.  He's been a
 perennial favorite at the Postcrypt, and we're happy to have him back and
 with an album, too!

Saturday 27 March

Open Stage

Friday 2 April

Brian Dolzani  --  Hailing from Fairfield, Connecticut, Brian Dolzani has 
 regularly made his way down to Postcrypt open stages.  He's just put out
 his debut CD Fall Into Me which includes a version of Neil Young's "Tell
 Me Why" with an uncanny vocal resemblance to the original.  We're very
 happy to welcome him for his Postcrypt regular set debut.  Please join us
 in support of this rising talent.
Paul Clements  --  Paul plays at many clubs around the city with regular
 gigs at the Baggot Inn and the Bitter End.  He is a skilled guitarist
 with playful, sometimes surreal songs full of warmth and humor.  His
 songs evoke the classic works of Ralph McTell with their soft texture and
 extrememly deep meaning.  Paul is a Postcrypt regular, and we're glad
 that that's the case.
Dave Crossland  --  The Boston Globe calls Dave Crossland's songs "fiery
 and alluring," testing "the American dream against the American reality"
 with "a naturalistic sweep, a panoramic Americanism, that set them
 apart." Dirty Linen has termed him "truly folk-rock (with a capital R) at
 its finest."  He plays with a great roots-rock band but will be
 performing solo in his Postcrypt debut.  From Cambridge's Club Passim to 
 Nashville's Bluebird Cafe to Berkeley's Freight and Salvage, audiences
 cannot help but agree with Tom Paxton, who said that Dave has "got the

Saturday 3 April

Mark Erelli  --  Mark Erelli's music career began when he arrived at
 college, taught himself guitar and started to write songs in his
 dormitory stairwell.  He writes songs regarding human nature that present
 personal insights riddled with the kind of optimistic resignation to
 which everyone can relate.  He uses a diverse musical palette, featuring
 elements of folk, blues, rock and country.  John Gorka has said, "I think
 he has a real future in this.  His songs come from the right place.  I
 think he's great."  Please welcome him for his Postcrypt debut.
Magdalen Hsu-Li  --  Ria Roncales Goodwin of The Asian Reporter writes,
 "I've been waiting a long time for an Asian-American singer-songwriter
 whose music would tackle issues and experiences that I can relate to as
 an Asian woman in America.  Hsu-Li is a natural performer.  When she
 attacks the piano, she is all woman and all knowing  the raw emotion  the
 personal and confessional lyrics  her impassioned performance  all
 wrapped up in one ferociously talented package."  That about covers it! Please
 welcome this musical pioneer for her Postcrypt debut.
Christopher Williams  --  When we first met Christopher Williams, he
 described himself as "a funky, folk-singing, drummer guy."  The Boston
 Globe has described him as writing "literate tunes of the heart and the
 road with rhythmic drive and honesty."  He's been touring the nation
 non-stop for three years and playing djembe/percussion with songwriters
 like David Wilcox, Peter Himmelman and Tom Prasado-Rao.  His latest album
 was hailed by the Globe and chosen as one of the Top 12 Independent
 Releases of the year by Performing Songwriter magazine.  He impressed us
 so much with his debut last semester that we said, "Get right back here!"
 And he did!

Friday 9 April

Eric Schwartz  --  Eric Schwartz sings about new-age girlfriends,
 angst-ridden cockroaches, sexually ambiguous roommates and New York
 street characters.  He uses humor, irony and honesty to build a landscape
 where nothing is sacred, and everything is a little, well, different.
 Eric steadily has build a New York following by playing The Bitter End,
 CB'' Gallery, The Living Room, The Fast Folk Cafe, The Sidewalk Cafe, The
 Dark Star and Washington Square Park.  He just released his debut CD at
 the start of 1999, and we're very happy to have him with us.
Tom Stahl  --  In October of 94' Tom Stahl had back surgery and that
 forced him to quit his truck-driving career. Tom picked up his guitar and
 turned to music.  Since his debut show in March of '95, Tom has opened
 for oan Osborne, Sara Craig, Moxy Fruvos and Tom Cochrane and has put out
 two albums.  He's come to us all the way from Buffalo, New York.  He made
 his Postcrypt debut last semester, and we found him so friendly,
 personable, humorous and just plain good that we decided he had to come
Django Haskins  --  When asked to describe Django, the friend was trying
 to sell us on him said, "Describe Django?  Django is, well, Django."  And
 we agree whole-heartedly, and we love him.  He's been putting in his time
 in New York, playing CB's Gallery, The Den and other local venues.  He
 frequently plays with a full band, but his songs reveal their true
 intimacy and sensitivity when it's just Django alone.  Please help us
 welcome this rising talent for his Postcrypt debut.

Saturday 10 April

Beth Amsel  --  Beth received her first guitar as collateral for a loan
 used as bail money.  The loan was never repaid.  Beth cracked open the
 guitar case, and within a week, she played an open mic.  Beth has a
 stunning, commanding voice, and she uses it to craft songs that range
 from radiant joy to black darkness.  Her performances are riveting.
 Roger Catlin of the Hartford Courant wrote, "Amsel possesses a pure voice
 that flits easily from Joni Mitchell to duskier Dar Williams a voice that
 seems destined for something big."  Please welcome her for her Postcrypt
Jeff Cannon  --  Rich, warm vocals, memorable melodies, incisive lyrics, a
 thoughtful and beguiling performer: these are some of the things being
 written about Bloomington, Indiana-based singer-songwriter Jeff Cannon,
 one of the brightest and busiest voices to have come out of the
 talent-rich Boston acoustic music scene.  But the Postcrypt came before
 all of that.  There aren't too many people who can claim to have been
 around the Postcrypt as long as Jeff; in fact, there isn't anybody.  He
 grew up here, after his father started the coffeehouse in 1964.  He keeps
 coming back, and we're more than happy to welcome him back.
Deborah Bartley  --  Deborah Bartley grew up  in suburban Indiana.  She
 left home for Berkeley, California at 19.  Five cities, two continents,
 25 jobs and five colleges later she found herself in Los Angeles playing
 music.  Brenda Parr of Hot City writes, "She mesmerized me right away
 with her strong, sweet voice and... casual poetic-folk energy."  We love
 her debut album, These Small Rooms, and we're happy to welcome her to her
 Postcrypt debut.

Friday 16 April

Open Stage

Saturday 17 April 

George Swanson  --  Making his home in Southwest Harbor, Maine, George
 Gaines Swanson sings traditional American songs, from old favorites to
 forgotten masterpieces.  But not only does he sing them and play the
 tunes on his banjo; he also provides the stories behind the songs and
 thus provides a bit of American history.  He is probably the only
 performer at the Postcrypt--ever--to carry the reccommendation of A.M.
 Rosenthal of the New York Times who called George "wonderful."  Please 
 welcome him for his Postcrypt debut.
Bill Christopherson, Gil Sayer and Aron Weinbech  --  Bill Christopherson
 lives only a few blocks from the Postcrypt, but the music that he brings
 with him is rooted deep in Southern, old-time tradition. He is a
 wonderful fiddler who has played as a member of the Lazy Aces String Band
 and of James Reams and the Barnstormers.  Gil Sayer is a  terrific banjo
 and guitar player, and Aron Weinbech adds a beautiful  mandolin. 
 Together, they capture a great old-time string band sound, and we're very
 happy to  welcome them back to the Postcrypt.
Orrin Star  --  Orrin Star is a nationally recognized folk & bluegrass
 performer and teacher based in Brooklyn, NY.  Winner of the 1976 National
 Flatpicking Championship (the largest bluegrass guitar contest in the
 country), he plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, sings, and performs both solo
 and with his trio Orrin Star & the Sultans of String.  His diverse
 repertoire featuring old-time, western swing, celtic and original
 songwriting sounds in addition to more  mainstream bluegrass and folk
 material. An accomplished storyteller and entertainer (who has worked as 
 a stand-up comic) he has appeared on A Prairie Home Companion and has
 three recordings on Flying Fish Records.

Friday 23 April

Gene & Mimi  --  With their "Greenwich Village cutting edge avant folk,"
 Gene & Mimi are well-known to New York folk crowd. They've played at the
 Knitting Factory and many other downtown venues.  Come check out this
 funky duo during one of their regular stops at the Postcrypt.
Rebecca Riots  --  Based in Berkeley, CA, Rebecca Riots is made up of
 Andrea Prichett, Eve Decker, and Lisa Zeiler.  Andrea sang in bands in
 Zimbabwe while she taught self-defense classes for women. Eve sang in
 choirs and rock bands back in the US. The two met as counselors at Camp
 It Up, a camp for children of gays and lesbians. Lisa, Andrea's guitar
 teacher, was soon recruited to complete the fledgling group.  They took
 the name Rebecca Riots from an 1843 rebellion of Welsh farmers against
 British taskmasters.  The band has developed a big following in the
 Northwest, playing clubs, festivals, and benefits and garnering hosannas
 from critics for their brand of "radical" folk music. They are all
 activists and are not shy in proclaiming their political beliefs in their
 music.  Please welcome them for their Postcrypt debut!
Erin McKeown  --  To experience the music of Erin McKeown is to be invited
 to penetrate her surface and find your own descriptions. Beginning her
 career as a Semi-Finalist: Modern Rock/ Alternative Category in the 1995
 Songwriter's Association of Washington DC's Mid-Atlantic Song Contest,
 McKeown has steadily evolved into a dynamic performer, an accomplished
 guitarist, and an innovative songstress (and she's still not finished
 growing). Using the framework of her own start-up record label, TVP
 Records of Providence, and an affiliation with Waterbug Records of
 Chicago, Erin McKeown is making a name for herself, redefining
 contemporary folk music- her way.

Saturday 24 April

Bob Hillman  --  Bob has played a number of times at the Postcrypt.  He's
 a terrific songwriter with a sweet voice, a nice playing style and a
 great stage presence.  Please welcome him back.
Lisa Cornelio  --  Lisa plays a lot around New York City, frequently with
 David Hamburger and Bob Hillman.  She has a great voice and is a terrific
 person.  With Lisa involved, our season closer is sure to be a good one.
David Hamburger  --  David Hamburger grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts,
 dodging violin lessons, reading Doonesbury and putting scratches in his
 sister's copy of Abbey Road. He discovered Charlie Christian and Mose
 Allison while studying music at Wesleyan University and moved to New York
 City in 1986 in search of jazz guitar gigs. Instead, he wound up playing
 in Freedy Johnston's band for over a year.  He's gone on to become one of
 the city's best-loved Dobro and guitar players.  We certainly love him at
 the Postcrypt, where he has played for many consecutive semesters.  We
 can think of no better way to end our year than with a David Hamburger

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