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takes on a new look.

	21stC has always maintained an online presence along with its print 
edition, and its original site (by Roger Black's pioneering web design firm The 
Interactive Bureau) combined distinctive graphics with enriched hypertext versions of 21stC's articles.  In 1996, Manhattan web specialists The Gryphon 
Group ( took over the design, and their work has maintained 
the high standards that web surfers associate with

	For the most recent issue of 21stC Online, which features a special section 
covering the relations of research and teaching in the contemporary university, 
the editors, art director Howard Roberts and Gryphon's web specialists have 
updated and overhauled the online edition.  Issue 2.2 (Winter 1997) marks the 
debut of a faster-loading and more ambitious web design for 21stC, preserving the 
many web links to articles while adding more graphics, animation and an easily 
navigated site structure.

	21stC Online is organized in four main areas: a set of full-length feature 
articles; a Special Section of related articles examining a single important topic 
from the perspective of several academic disciplines; the media analysis 
department Metanews, which covers the relations of the research community and
the press; and the opinion section, presenting letters, "Publisher's Corner" 
editorials and cartoons by humorist John Callahan.

	Issue 2.2 includes features on Columbia faculty who have earned fame in 
nonacademic pursuits, such as politics and the arts, before joining the university; 
an inside look at the Fulbright scholarship program by a current "Fulbrighter" 
studying environmental preservation in Australia; and, in the inaugural article 
for a new 21stC department, "The Long View," emeritus economics professor Eli 
Ginzberg's historical overview of the balance between research and teaching at 
Columbia.  That complex relationship is also the subject of this issue's Special 
Section, introduced by President and Professor of Religion George Rupp, with 
articles on different aspects by Columbia faculty members, professional science 
journalists, and younger scholars at the outset of promising careers.

	Throughout all its departments, 21stC combines the work of professional 
journalists and leading scholars to illuminate the valuable works and ideas that 
originate in the modern research university, highlighting activities at Columbia 
while looking outward to observe the research community's effects on the world at 

	21stC is published by the Office of the Provost, Columbia University, and 
produced by the Office of External Relations, Health Sciences Division.

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