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Wall Street Is Number One Choice For New Columbia Graduates

Computer Technology, Consulting, Engineering and Law Complete List of Top Five Employment Opportunities More members of the Columbia College Class of 1997 will begin careers on Wall Street and with financial institutions after graduation than any other industry, according to preliminary job figures compiled by Columbia's Center for Career Services. Starting salaries for the new graduates average $42,000. Financial institutions offered the largest number of jobs to Columbia's 1,082 graduating seniors, providing employment in investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, bond sales and trading, and municipal finance, said Eileen Kohan, executive director of the Center for Career Services. The next most frequent job offer for Columbia students came from computer technology firms, followed by consulting firms, engineering firms, and lastly, law firms (as paralegals), said Ms. Kohan. Smaller numbers of graduates will work in public relations, marketing, non-profit institutions such as the Peace Corps, Teach for America and religious organizations, in publishing and journalism, in the music and film industry, and as teachers in the United States and abroad. Columbia's seniors, who receive their bachelor's degrees May 21, found they were very competitive in a strong job market this year, Ms. Kohan said. She said students who participate in the College job recruitment program land jobs on average within two or three months. "This has been an excellent year for our graduates," Ms. Kohan said. "The economy has been improving for the last three years and with internships that allow our students to take advantage of the New York employment scene, our graduates are in a very good position in the job market." 19,126 5.13.97