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New CD -- "Columbia Rocks 1997" -- Showcases Music of Columbia and Barnard Bands

Mastered by alumni at RK Music
While many might expect only classical music to fill the ivy-covered halls of Columbia University and Barnard College, a new compact disc, "Columbia Rocks 1997," proves that rock bands featuring students from the two educational institutions are a creative and energizing presence in the contemporary music scene. Compiled by Seth Unger, a graduating senior at Columbia College, and Karen Elliot, entering her senior year at Barnard College, "Columbia Rocks" features sixteen tracks by bands that include at least one Columbia or Barnard student. Selections range from traditional and cutting-edge rock to tunes infused with electronic and new age flavors. All of the featured bands - - which include Farina, Nine Days Wonder, Closer, and Project Nim - - have performed on campus and in venues throughout Manhattan, where several have gained sizable followings. Most of the participating students are undergraduates. "Columbia Rocks" is $9.99 and is available at various sites on the Morningside Heights Campus (Broadway and 116th Street) and on the Internet ( A limited run of 1,000 discs were produced, and all proceeds will support next year's compilation. The CD is issued by Columbia Music Presents, a non-profit Student Activity Group at Columbia founded last year by Unger, a history/sociology major from Miami Beach, Florida, seeking an outlet to support Columbia and Barnard students' talent and love of contemporary music. It was mastered by Jeff Gale (who graduated from Columbia College last year) of RK Music, whose president, Rob Kahn, is also a Columbia alumnus. "There is a remarkable amount of musical talent here at Columbia and Barnard, and this CD showcases only a few of the bands who are performing on campus and around the city," said Unger. "More than thirty bands submitted tracks for possible inclusion, and we hope that even more will do so next year, for what we hope will be an annual celebration of Columbia rock." Sponsoring organizations include Barnard Student Activities; Barnard Student Government, Columbia Concerts, Columbia Music Presents, Columbia Student Activities, President's and Provost's Initiative Fund, U.S.O., and WBAR Radio. For a review copy of "Columbia Rocks" please call (212) 615-6736. 6.17.97 19,140