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Indianapolis Mayor, Advocate of Privatization,

To Teach Public Management at Columbia


The finer points of public management will be taught this year at Columbia University by an innovative urban practitioner and advocate of privatization, Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith.

Goldsmith, the two-term Republican mayor of America‚s 12th largest city, will team teach a course in public management at the School of International and Public Affairs with William Eimicke, a former New York state and city housing official and aut hor with SIPA Vice Dean Steven Cohen of „The New Effective Public Manager.š Mr. Goldsmith will lead the first class on Feb. 3.

„Steve Goldsmith has transformed Indianapolis in eight years into a vibrant city with a strong economy,š said Professor Eimicke, who is Director of the Picker Center for Executive Education at SIPA. „It‚s really become a model city for advocates o f competition in municipal services. We think that our students will gain enormously from an understanding of how the mayor opened the bidding process and worked with municipal unions to achieve a more responsive, efficient government.š

„I‚m delighted to be associated with the distinguished faculty of Columbia, particularly those at SIPA,š said Mr. Goldsmith, who is a graduate of Wabash College and the University of Michigan Law School.

Mr. Goldsmith has introduced a competitive bidding system in which Indianapolis city workers compete with the private sector to win contracts for the delivery of municipal services. Municipal employees have won about 25 percent of the competitions and split responsibility with private companies for another 20 percent of services subject to the competitive program. Excluded are services considered part of government‚s core mission, such as police and fire services.

The course meets Wednesday evenings for two hours for 13 weeks, beginning on Wednesday, January 20. Mr. Goldsmith will teach five of the 13 course sessions on February 3, March 10, 24 and 31 and April 14. A former prosecutor and city attorney in Indianapolis, he has been a research fellow in criminal justice at Harvard‚s Kennedy School of Government and has taught at Indiana University‚s School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

SIPA has numerous practitioners among its faculty, including former New York City Mayor David Dinkins; New York City Comptroller Alan Hevesi; former presidential advisor George Stephanopoulos; Merit Janow, former Deputy U.S. Trade Representative to Japan and China; and former U.S. Ambassador to Yugoslavia Warren Zimmermann.

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