200BC Usage Guidelines



The Dept of Psychology maintains two undergraduate teaching laboratories, 200B and 200C Schermerhorn. All psychology faculty, graduate students, and staff have swipe access to these rooms. In addition, several undergraduate lab TAs and other lab assistants have swipe access and help maintain open lab hours for other students.

Please help us maintain 200B and C as pleasant and well-functioning departmental resources. If you have problems or suggestions, please send them to Lois Putnam, Ingrid Richter, and Louis Waweru.


The 200BC Instructional Lab Crew

Check Lab Schedule

Check the 200BC schedule. If a class is in session, please don't enter the room unless you have prior permission of the instructor.

Request a Reservation

Use the online lab schedule to reserve the room for review sessions, discussion sessions, etc. Check the lab schedule and reservations calendar for availability. We try to keep one lab open for student use whenever a lab TA has hours scheduled, so if you need to schedule the only available room during Open Lab Hours, be sure to indicate that quiet use of the computer is o.k. during your event.



Before using the equipment in 200b or 200c, please read these Guidelines and other Online Guides relevant to your planned use, and then arrange with Ingrid Richter, Louis Waweru, or one of the lab TAs for training on the podium equipment.


Printed instructions, including troubleshooting tips, should be available at the podiums of both rooms. Similar instructions can be found in the Online Guides.


Ingrid Richter maintains the lab computers. Please do not install software on these computers without first checking with her. For a list of applications see the Mac user guide.


Users sometimes direct print jobs to printers in other locations, so before you print, check the print dialog box to be sure it's set at the printer you want. Please do not use the printer to make multiple copies of documents. See these additional printing tips.


Please report crashes, printing problems, defective software, and the like to Ingrid Richter and Louis Waweru immediately. Ingrid can also be reached at 4-8167. In addition, inform the lab TA on duty.


No food or drinks at the computer stations, ever. If you eat or drink elsewhere in the room, or if you dispose of food or drink containers in the room, please clean up after yourself and take out the garbage when you leave.


If you use the whiteboards, please erase them thoroughly to prevent permanent discoloration.


Remember to log yourself out, but don't turn off the Macs. Please do turn off the video projector unless it will be used shortly.


For your own personal safety, as well as that of the equipment, please keep the doors to 200B and 200C closed whenever possible. Close the door securely when you leave, to be sure it locks. Unauthorized individuals may not remain in the lab without supervision.