Podium Usage Guidelines


Waking Up the Machine

The podium Mac is generally kept on. If it was not used for an extended period of time, the machine goes to sleep and the screen goes black.

  • If the Podium Mac is asleep, simply move the mouse or press a key to wake it up.
  • If the iMac is completely powered off, the power button is located on the back of the monitor on the lower left side.

Signing In

You can sign into any of the computers in the labs using the password-free guest account. From the login screen simply click the icon for Psych Lab Guest and you will immediately be brought to the desktop.

Inside the Podium

  • The front door of the podium provides access to the DVD player and the Receiver. This door usually remains open and the podium computer remains on.
    Each podium is equipped with a Denon AVR 1712 audio-video receiving amplifier.
  • Opening the back door of the podium provides access to connections to the DVD player, and Receiver should you need to attach additional devices. If this door is locked, ask Ingrid Richter or one of the lab TAs to open it for you.


Turn on the projector by pressing the power button on the remote control which is located on top of the podium. The remote also has a laser pointer, so please take care to not accidentally point the laser at your audience.

Projecting from the iMac at the Podium

After turning on the projector, the computer screen should appear automatically, and no further steps are necessary. However, if the screen does not appear:

  • Check to make sure the Denon amplifier (located in the podium underneath the iMac) is turned on. If it is not, press the on/standby button at the bottom left of the machine to turn it on.
  • If the amplifier is already turned on, check that the input is set to "iMac". This will be indicated in the screen display. If it is not, press the round button labeled "iMac".

If the screen still does not appear:

  • Click the OSX Displays Icon icon at the top right corner of screen.
  • If there is an option to Turn on Display Mirroring, select it, and the screen should project.
    To see a demonstration, click play.

Projecting from a MacBook

  • Connect the cable labeled Mini-DP to the DisplayPort on your MacBook.
  • On the Denon amp located beneath the iMac, press the button labeled Mini-DP.

Audio Playback

If you will be playing audio, you may have to change the sound output device. To do so, follow these steps, or watch the video demonstration below.

  • Click the Apple logo icon found at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Select System Preferences... and click on the Sound control panel.
  • Navigate to the Output tab.
  • The MacBook will need to reroute audio over HDMI. Select the DENON-AVAMP.
  • If you are unable to adjust the volume after selecting HDMI, use the large dial on the amp itself.
If you are unable to adjust the volume after selecting HDMI, use the large dial on the amp itself.

Projecting from a non-Mac Laptop

Determine if your laptop has an HDMI or VGA output and follow the steps below accordingly. If you have both, choose HDMI.


  • Remove the adaptor from the cord labeled Mini-DP to reveal the male HDMI connector.
  • Plug this in to your laptop.
  • On the Denon amp, press the input selector button labeled Mini-DP.


  • Plug the cord labeled VGA in to your laptop.
  • On the Denon amp, press the input selector button labeled VGA.

If the screen hasn't appeared, press Windows key +P on your keyboard, and choose Duplicate.

Projecting from Other Devices

In addition the the Podium iMac, the Denon AV receiver allows for several types of devices to interface with the projector. Most commonly these are MacBooks and other laptops. However, any device with HDMI or VGA output can be projected onto the wall screen. Many devices, like iPads and other tablets have adapters that send output over HDMI. If you are planning to use a device that does not have HDMI or VGA output, please bring your own adaptor.


If neccessary, also follow the steps on how to project from the Podium iMac.

  • Insert the DVD into the disc drive on the right side of the iMac
  • When the options window pops up, click Play.


The projectors in 200B/C have a widescreen format with a 16:9 aspect ratio (1920x1080 is an example of this ratio). By default, PowerPoint slides are created with a 4:3 aspect ratio. If you wish to have your presentation fill the screen, without zooming in via the projector, follow these steps:

  • In PowerPoint, select File > Page Setup...
  • In the Slides sized for drop down menu, select On-screen Show (16:9)
    Printer Page Setup
    Changing this setting may alter the layout of your slides. If the changes are not to your liking, you can undo your last edit with ⌘+z, or close your file without saving.


Recording your screen can be easily achieved using Quicktime Player. To launch this program, click the Q icon in the dock, or from Spotlight (⌘ + Space, or click the icon on the top-right corner of the screen) begin typing "Quicktime Player". It should appear before you complete the words. Hit enter or click on the result to run it. The program can also be found in the Applications folder.

  • Quicktime Player may launch windowless, meaning it doesn't open a window, but is still running. You can see this if the menu bar says Quicktime Player.
  • Once launched, click File on the menubar and select New Screen Recording
  • Be sure to select the Built-in Microphone if you wish to use the iMac's internal microphone.
    Quicktime Screen Recording
    If you are using the wireless microphone (available on loan from 406), select Line In.
  • To begin recording, click the circular record button. Clicking anywhere on the screen will start recording the entire screen. Alternatively, with the mouse, drag a rectangle of the area you want to record.
  • Click the stop button the stop recording.
  • Save your video by clicking File > Export.


If your class is immediately followed by another that will be using the equipment, you need not complete the shutdown. Otherwise, please remember to:

  • Turn off the projector.
  • Turn off the Denon receiver.
  • Quit all applications on the Podium Mac.
  • Remove any discs or USB drives.
  • Log out.
  • Do not shutdown the Mac.
  • Place the remote controls on top of the podium


Mouse or Keyboard Input Lag

If the mouse or your keystrokes seem to be delayed, or stuttered, power-off the Denon amp for a 10-15 seconds and then turn it back on.

VGA Errors

If the VGA connection isn't working properly, momentarilly unplug the power source from the Aluratek device located on the shelf beneath the iMac.

Aluratek VGA converter.
The power cable is the bottom-most plug on the left.