Current COMM.LAB Personnel

These are some of the people who make the Lab function. Because the page isn't always up to date, not everyone currently associated with the Lab is shown and not everyone shown is still around.

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Robert M. Krauss is a professor in the Department of Psychology and director of the Human Communication Laboratory. For more information about his background, research, publications, courses, and other stuff, visit his HomePage.

Jennifer Pardo is an assistant professor at Barnard and co-Director of the Lab. She received her BA from Barnard and her PhD in cognitive psychology from Yale. Her research studies how communication affects acoustic properties of communicators' speech.

A third year graduate student, Lauren Aguilar currently is working on a collaborative project with the Human Relations Lab examining how phonetic convergence is affected by rejection sensitivity. When not chained to her desk , Lauren practices yoga and paints.


Alexandra ("Lexi") Suppes, is a second year grad student in social psych. She is interested in intergroup communication and how social identity is conveyed in voice. Her current research examines effects of a speaker's involvement with the topic on acoustic properties of speech.

Rachel Gibbons is a junior Psych major in the College. For her Honors Project she is studyi≈ng how properties of students' speech is affected by properties of their roomate's speech .
Jennifer Knestrick is a second year student in the Post-Bac program interested in language, cognition, and education. Holder of a B.F.A. in drama, Jen plans to pursue a Ph.D in developmental psychology.


A recent Barnard grad, Isabel Jay is now COMM.LAB lab manager. When not scheduling and fixing appliances, she works on Jen Pardo’s research on phonetic convergence. Isabel is also interested in developmental psychology and early childhood learning.

A junior psych major, Erin Yates is currently doing a research internship in the Lab. She plans to go on to a Ph. D. and research on criminal behavior. Her Honors research examines how paralinguistic speech cues influence a talker's credibility.

A Junior Psych major at Barnard Remi Coker hopes to become a forensic
psychologist working for InterPol. In the mean time, she enjoys long walks on the beach sipping peppermint hot
chocolate, watching Gilmore Girls, and reading anything not school related.
Christina Perry is a sophomore at Barnard and a work study student in the lab. She plans to major in Anthropology and maybe a few other
things. Linguistics, foreign languages, and cooking are among her hobbies.
(last updated: October 16, 2006)