Neuroscience Tutorial



This web site provides a set of tutorials on cognitive neuroscience, and is designed to be supplemental study to classroom work.


In the Table of Contents section to the left, click on the tutorial you wish to view. The tutorial you have selected will be displayed in the area you are presently viewing.

In the chosen tutorial, you may also obtain a description of any underlined word by clicking on it. The explanation will appear in the Glossary section below.


The tutorials are presented roughly in the lecture order of Columbia University's Mind, Brain and Behavior neuroscience course (W1010), taught by Dr. Jennifer Mangels. The class' textbook is Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind, by Gazzaniga, Ivry & Mangun, 1998 (Norton & Co. ed.). The information contained in these tutorials has been adapted freely from the lectures, textbook, additional class readings, and other sources. Please note that it may contain more, or less, than the information required for the course, and hence is not offered as a substitute. For more information on the course, please click here.


This site is under construction. Hardcopy printing is best at 75% of original size. Please send any comments or suggestions on the web site here. Questions regarding neuroscience should be addressed directly to Dr. Mangels or the teaching assistants.