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Teaching Resources for Psychology

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LINKS Reviewed by LEP

DeLiberations is a "Website for Academics, Librarians and Eeucational Developers"

This online "magazine" emanates from London Guildhall and Kingston Universities. It features well-written articles on a wide range of topics, such as "Improving the quality of the learning environment" and "Using the internet as an aid to teaching and learning." Under "Other Educational Sites" it includes many excellent links. Those of particular interest to psychology faculty will be found under Science and Technology and Social Science-Based Educational Development Resources.

Teaching Psychology--an Online Handbook

"From the University Instructional Development Project of the Graduate School of the University of South Carolina--we bring you teaching advice from the experts! Whatever your experience level, you're sure to learn something here that will boost your teaching skills." Here are some two dozen essays, including excerpts from journal articles, on a variety of (non-IT) teaching topics such as lecturing, class discussion, cheating, exam creation, and the like. In spite of the title, most of the essays are not limited to the teaching of psychology. For instance the excellent piece on Classroom Management was writen by a math professor.

Preparing Future Faculty. " a national network of academic leaders reshaping graduate education to include preparation for the full range of faculty roles subsumed by the terms teaching, research, and service."
Mike's Master Index of WWW Sites (about the Internet, University Teaching, Technology and Education. Put together by Michael Albright, Instructional Technology Center, Iowa State University.
College and University Instructional Support Centers. Also by Michael Albright, this page includes both alphabetical and geographical listings (updated 12/97), as well as a "best-of-the-best" list (last updated in Feb. 97). Most of Mike's picks are media, instructional technology, or A/V centers as opposed to teaching and learning centers.
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MegaLists of Teaching Resource Centers:


Appalachian State University, Instructional Technology Center. Media services; video and audio production; distance learning center; repair services; off-campus residential facilities. (In addition to the ITC page, the Academic Computing Services page also has relevant links. I found the Technology Plan particularly interesting, in light of what we are trying to do at Columbia.)

Ball State University, Educational Development and Technology. I haven't been able to connect to this yet.

California State University Chico, Instructional Media Center. The Instructional Media Center is just one part of Chico's extensive Technology and Learning Program. I was very impressed by the resources available at this site, as well as by the design of the web pages.
Central Washington University, Instructional Media Center
Dartmouth College, Instructional Services
Eastern Illinois University, Media Services
George Mason University, Instructional Development Office
Georgetown University Medical Center, Department of Educational Media
Indiana University, Instructional Support Services
Johnson County Community College, Educational Technology Center
Medical College of Ohio, Center for Creative Instruction
Rochester Institute of Technology, Educational Technology Center
San Diego State University, Instructional Technology Services
Southwest Texas State University, Media Services
University of Alabama, Educational Media & Technology
University of Alabama at Birmingham, Department of Photography and Instructional Graphics
University of California, Los Angeles, Office of Instructional Development
University of Hawaii at Manoa, Center for Instructional Support
University of Houston, Clear Lake, Instructional Technology Center
University of Idaho, Educational Technologies and Services
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Office of Instructional Resources
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Information Services, Instructional Technology Group
University of New Mexico, Media Technology Services
University of Pittsburgh, Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education
University of Texas at Austin, Liberal Arts Media Center
Utah State University, Multimedia and Distance Learning Services
Washington & Lee University, Media Center

Links to Other Teaching Centers

From the University of Virginia Teaching Resource Center

Online University Teaching Centers: A Worldwide Listing

From the Dept. of Communication Studies at the University of Kansas

Listed below are teaching centers within visiting distance of Columbia University, from Online University Teachng Centers: United States.


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LEP's COLLEGE TEACHING BOOKMARKS (more or less alphabetical)

A Celebration of Excellence in Teaching. Cronin's inaugural address as he assumed the role of President of Whitman College.
A Gutenberg Juncture. How can the new instructional technology be used to improve learning?
A Publication on Information Technology at Emory University This is an electronic version of a periodical published at Emory.
The Faculty. Information Technology Center at Emory University, services for faculty.
Academe Today: Internet Resources: Report on Term Paper Mills (C.O.H.E. password required)
Alistair B. Fraser: The Web: a classrooom sans walls
Basic Embryology Review Program. This award-winning web site provides an Overview of prenatal development that is open to the public.
Biological Bases of Behavior. This site won a Teaching and Learning award, and it's easy to see why. . .
The Bell Curve: Two Reviews Psych 2280 students might benefit from the second of these, "Soft science with a neoconservative agenda," by Donald Dorfman, published in the May 1995 issue of Contemporary Psychology.
California Virtual University
Campusmall. "a cool place for student, faculty and staff to save bucks via educational rebates or to have fun entering cool contests."
Children's Figure Drawings. An archive of drawings of "someone you know" by 6, 8, 9, and 10-year olds.
Communication Media Center (Information Services) - Oregon State University. OSU's centralized instructional media service, providing faculty with instructional media resources for enhancing classroom and distance learning instructional processes.
Courses Via the Web (Frontiers in Education), Oregon State University
CTL: Teaching at Stanford I highly recommend this Introductory Handbook For Faculty, Academic Staff/Teaching, And Teaching Assistants, by Michele Marincovich.
Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University, has excellent resources for faculty and teaching assistants. See, for instance, the forms for mid-semester evaluations.
Developmental video archives . From the Loughborough teaching resources on Human Development, some very useful samples from a large (but inaccessible) database.
Division 2: Society for the Teaching of Psychology
EdTech WebRing
Effective Visuals - Introduction
EHR Home Page
Evaluating Web Resources
Mid-Semester Evaluations
Multimedia teaching lab
New Chalk Vol.1, No.10
OTRP Online - Internet Resources for Teachers of Psychology. This megasite is part of the TOPSS (Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools) home page. Its primary purpose is to provide resources to enhance the teaching of psychology at the secondary level.
plaguescape: CONTENTS
Portal to The Evergreen State College
PsychREF. Resources in psychology on the internet. A particularly well-designed and comprehensive site, edited by Vincent Hevern of LeMoyne College. The site is organized around four main topics,
Resources For Involving Scientists in Education
Seton Hall University
Teaching with Electronic Technology
Technology Tools for Today's Campuses
The Center for Academic Technology - Home
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Information Technology
The Development of Children
The Educational Technology Resource Center
The UC Berkeley Instructional Technology Program
The World Lecture Hall. The World Lecture Hall (WLH) contains links to web pages created by faculty in various academic disciplines who are using the Web to deliver class materials. Clicking here will take you to the Psychology section, but you might also want to visit other disciplines for examples of how to use the web in your teaching. (Warning: Some of the links appear to be primarily for advertising purposes.)
University of Redlands Campus Web Site.
Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education. Connection refused. 6/15/98
Webdog's Ed Tech Resources. This link appears to be dead. Check bookmarks at home; I think I located a newer version recently.

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Selected Columbia Sites

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