How to Get Started in Psychology
2014 - 2015

Courses with no prerequisites

PSYC W1001x or y. The Science of Psychology.

Fall 2014. Sec. 1: 3 pts. P. Lindemann. TR 1:10-2:25 PM. Room 501 Schermerhorn Hall.
Fall 2014. Sec. 2:
3 pts. K. Taylor. MW 8:40-9:55 AM. Room 501 Schermerhorn Hall.
Spr 2015. Sec. 1:
3 pts. P. Lindemann. TR 1:10-2:25 PM. Room 501 Schermerhorn Hall.
Spr 2015. Sec. 2:
3 pts. B. Rakitin. TR 6:10-7:25 PM. Room 501 Schermerhorn Hall.
Spr 2015. Sec. 3:
3 pts. K. Kelly. Day/Time: TBA. Room 501 Schermerhorn Hall.

We recommend that you start your study of psychology with this course.

Enrollment may be limited. Attendance at the first two class periods is mandatory. Broad survey of psychological science including: sensation and perception; learning, memory, intelligence, language, and cognition; emotions and motivation; development, personality, health and illness, and social behavior. Discusses relations between the brain, behavior, and experience. Emphasizes science as a process of discovering both new ideas and new empirical results.
[Download Lindemann's syllabus] [Download Taylor's preliminary syllabus] [Download Rakitin's syllabus]

PSYC W1010x or y. Mind, Brain, & Behavior.

Fall 2014: 3 pts. D. Mobbs. TR 11:40-12:55 PM. Room 501 Schermerhorn Hall.
Spr 2015:
3 pts. D. Shohamy. MW 2:40-3:55 PM. Room 501 Sch or 501 NWC Bldg.

An introduction to the biological approach to the experimental study of behavior. Includes consideration of the types of biological data relevant to psychology, as well as the assumptions and logic permitting the interpretation of biological data in psychological terms.
[Download Mobb's syllabus] [Download Shohamy's syllabus]

PSYC W2630x. Social Psychology.

Fall 2014: 3 pts. T. Higgins. TR 2:40-3:55 PM. Room 501 Schermerhorn Hall.

Surveys important methods, findings, and theories in the study of social influences on behavior. Emphasizes different perspectives on the relation between individuals and society.
[Download Higgins' syllabus]

* PSYC W2630 does not fulfill the natural science requirement. There is unlikely to be room for first-year students.

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