Dept. of Psychology Colloquium Schedule

Departmental colloquia take place in 614 Schermerhorn at 4:10 pm on the Wednesdays listed below. Refreshments are served after the talks in the 3rd floor rotunda.

To arrange to meet with one of the colloquium speakers, please contact the faculty host for that speaker. Meetings are generally from 1:30-4 on the day of the talk.

 Spring 2006 Schedule

Feb 1
Barbara Tversky, Stanford University
Topic: "How People Think about Space"

Feb 8
John Gabrieli, MIT
Topic: "Enhancement of Learning in the Human Brain: Evidence from Functional Neuroimaging"

Feb 22
Gerald Clore, University of Virginia
Topic: "Feeling is Believing: Some Cognitive Consequences of Emotion"

Mar 8
Marc Hauser, Harvard University
Topic: "Evolution of the language faculty: Interfaces between semantics and syntax"

Mar 29
Lera Boroditsky, Standford University
Topic: "Relationships between language and thought"

Apr 12
Tonya Chartrand, Duke University
Topic: "Moderators and consequences of Nonconscious Mimicry"

 Fall 2005 Schedule

Sept 14
Elke Weber, Columbia University
"Preferences as Memory: Query theory, Time Discounting, Individual Differences, and Other Dangerous Things"

Sept 28
Steve Monsell, University of Exeter
"Preparing mind and brain for a change of task"

Oct 12
Alan Leslie, Rutgers University
"The 'Theory of Mind' Mechanism: Recent advances and emerging questions"

Nov 9
Sheldon Cohen, Carnegie Mellon University
"Do Positive Emotions Influence Your Health?"

Nov 30
Margaret Clark, Yale University
Topic: "What constitutes a high quality relationship & two processes through which one may deteriorate"

Dec 7
Elizabeth Brannon, Duke University
"The development and evolution of numerical thinking: Monkeying around with numbers"


 Spring 2005 Schedule

March 2
Alex Martin, NIH
"The Neural Foundation for Conceptual Representation"

March 23
Wendi Gardner, Northwestern University
"Belonging Regulation: The Maintenance of Subjective Social Connection"

April 6
Matt Lieberman, UCLA
"When Language Disrupts Affect: A Social Cognitive Neuroscience Approach"

April 20
David Rosenbaum, Penn State University
"The Cinderella of Psychology: The Neglect of Action In the Science of Mental Life and Behavior"

 Fall 2004 Schedule

Sept. 22
Niall Bolger, NYU
"Adjustment Processes in Close Relationships"

Oct. 6
John T. Cacioppo, University of Chicago
"The Anatomy of Loneliness"

Oct. 20
Mahzarin Banaji, Harvard University
"Mind, Bugs: The Psychology of Ordinary Prejudice"

Nov. 3
Howard Egeth, John Hopkins University
"Visual Attention"

Nov. 17
James H. Schwartz, Columbia University
"Is It a Surprise that Learning Involves Alterations in Chromatin Structure?"

Dec. 1
Paul Rozin, Univ. of Pennsylvania
"Learning About Everything By Studying Food"

 Spring 2004 Schedule

Jan 28
Elizabeth Spelke, Harvard University
"Core Knowledge and Cognitive Development"

Feb 11  Susan T. Fiske, Princeton University
"The Perils of Prejudice:
Emotional Biases in the Brain, Mind, and Society"

Feb 25
John Bargh, Yale University
"The Machine in the Ghost"

Mar 10  Steven Yantis, Johns Hopkins University
"Cortical Mechanisms of Attentional Control"

Apr 14
Nicola Clayton, Cambridge University
"Complex cognition by food-caching corvids"

 Fall 2003 Schedule

Sep 17
Randi Martin, Rice University
"Working memory and language processing:
Evidence from neuropsychology and neuroimaging"

Oct 01
Michael Goldberg, Columbia University
"The physiology and psychophysics of attention in the monkey"

Oct 15
Philip N. Johnson-Laird, Princeton University
"How we reason"

Nov 05
David McNeill, University of Chicago
"The language-thought-hand link and the origin of language"

Nov 19
Richard J. McNally, Harvard University
"Remembering trauma"

Dec 03
Michael Meaney, McGill University
"Maternal Care, Gene Expression and the Development of Stable Individual:
Differences in Responses to Stress."

Spring 2003 Schedule

Jan 29
Morris Moscovitch, University of Toronto
"Consolidation and Hippocampal-Neocortical Interaction"

Feb 12
Jennifer Crocker, University of Michigan
"The Costs of Seeking Self-Esteem"

Feb 26
Eric Johnson, Columbia University

Mar 12
Nelson Donegan, Yale University
"Neural Substrates of Emotional Dysregulation in Borderline Personality Disorder"

Mar 26
Ann Kelly, University of Wisconsin
"Plasticity in Corticostriatal Networks in Relation to Learning and Motivation"

Apr 16
Michael Morris, Columbia University
"When are individuals blamed for organizational harms?
Differences between American and Japanese cultural logics"

Apr 23
Aaron Ettenberg, University of California, Santa Barbara
"Opponent-Process Actions of Self-Administered Cocaine"

Fall 2002 Schedule

Sept 18
Gregory Ashby, University of California Santa Barbara
"Evidence for Functionally Separate Explicit and Implicit Category Learning Systems"
Jon Horvitz host

Oct 2
Paul Bloom, Yale University
"How children learn the meanings of words"
Jim Magnuson host

Oct 16
Jim Russell, Boston College
"Prototypical Emotional Episodes"
Lois Putnam host

Oct 30
David Krantz, Columbia University
"Statistical Reasoning: A Cognitive Viewpoint"
Elke Weber host

Nov 20
Tony Sclafani, Brooklyn College CUNY
"Psychobiology of food preference learning"
Paul Currie host

Dec 04
George Bonanno, Columbia University, Teachers College
"Resilience and maladjustment during bereavement:
Is it useful to focus on our emotional reactions to loss?"
Carol Dweck host





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