Post-Baccalaureate Psychology Requirement Checklist

Complete the form below and discuss it with your advisor (Prof. Lindemann) prior to registration. Include courses you PLAN to take as well as those you have already completed. You may print this form and/or submit it via the web. (Note: To print the completed form, you may need to reduce your browser font size and/or the print scaling factor 85%.)
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Tot. points completed:  Requirements 1-8 satisfied?

Requirements for Post-Baccalaureate Program in Psychology:
Complete at least 28 pts., including one course from each of the eight categories below. All B- or better. No pass-fail.
Please see very bottom of form for example of how to enter information.
Course #
Professor / Title of Course
1. The Science of Psychology: PSYC W1001, S1001 or BC1001.
2. Statistics:PSYC W1610 (recommended), or STAT W1001, W1111, or W1211.
3. Laboratory:Any course numbered in the 1400's.
4. Group I. Perception & Cognition: 2200's, 3200's, or 4200's. Also W1420, W1480, or W1490.
5. Group II. Psychobiology and Neuroscience: 2400's, 3400's, or 4400's. Also W1010.
6. Group III. Social, Personality, and Abnormal: 2600's, 3600's, or 4600's. Also W1450 or W1455.
7. Advanced Seminar in Area of Specialization (3000/4000 level).
8. One Semester (3 pts) of Supervised Independent Research (W3950). [2 semesters / 6 pts recommended]
Additional courses (including up to 9 Barnard pts).
Here are some examples of what completed rows might look like. Leave grade blank if not yet received.
U.Conn Psy 101/Shelly/Intro Psych (approved by PL*)
Fall '08
Mischel/Intro to Personality
Fall '09

*Transfer Credit: Normally, no more then 2 transfer courses are accepted and these cannot satisfy any of the introductory, laboratory, statistics, or distribution (Group I, II, III) requirements above. Any transfer credits (except 9 pts in "other" courses from Barnard) require signed approval of Prof. Lindemann. A grade of B or better is required in non-C.U. courses.

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