How to Get In:

Your Guide to Applying to Graduate Programs in Psychology

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Applying to graduate programs can be a daunting process, but there is hope. The web can serve as an extremely useful source of information about psychology and other related fields. This site is filled with useful links and resources designed to make the application process easier. It is important to begin early and to thoroughly research the programs you are interested in. Good luck!

Menu of Useful Links:

  1. The Hanover Handbook for Psychology Majors: This handbook, designed by Professor John Krantz of Hanover College, contains a wealth of information for psychology students. Among the many points of interest are:

  2. Graduate School and Careers in Psychology: This web handout from Rider University covers all the bases, including areas of graduate study, what to do to get in, and when to apply.

  3. US Psychology Ph.D. Programs: Provides the National Research Council's rankings of Ph.D. programs for psychology, plus links to those programs. In addition, you can access Career Centers, Clinical Programs, Social Topics, Experiments, and much more.

  4. Psychology Department, University of Texas: Here you can get information about preparing for graduate school.

  5. Psychology Resource List Also from the U. of Texas, this list of resources links you to electronic publications, databases, associations, directories, organizations, and much more.
  6. Marky Lloyd's Careers in Psychology page: This page won the Canadian Psychological Association's "Psychsite of the week" award.

  7. The APA Home Page: Here, you can learn all about the American Psychological Association, including membership information as well as special student information.

  8. APS Helpful Web Links for Undergraduates. The American Psychological Society (APS) also provides links to resources for students interested in pursing graduate study. The APS Observer is also available here. See the June 2004 issue for an article on the importance of mentors to undergraduates interested in pursing graduate study in psychology.
  9. GRE Home Page: This is the Graduate Records Examination Home Page. Here, you can request information regarding the GRE's, including useful tips to help you prepare for the test. Also see upcoming test dates and registration deadlines.

  10. Helpful Books and Tipsheets:

  11. Columbia Links
  12. Pursuing Psychology Graduate School: Here is a page of links maintained by Linda Walsh. You'll see many of the same resources referred to above, but this is a good site that is updated regularly and loads reliably. So if you're frustrated by dead links, check here.


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More about this page. Joe Capobianco created the initial version of this Guide during the summer of 1998, when he was a Student Technology Assistant at Columbia. The page is now maintained by Prof. Lois Putnam.