Useful Psychology Links

Joe's Guide to Psychology Resources on the Web

Mega Sites

Psychology Mega Sites:

Psychology "Mega" Sites contain a wealth of information for psychology students. They're excellent resources for browsing, researching specific topics of interest, or surfing for fun. The sites listed below are among the best we found.

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Psychology Societies

There's a society for every psychological discipline. We provide some of the major ones. For a more extensive list, see Hanover.

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Psychology Software
  • PsyScope: PsyScope is an interactive graphic system for experimental design and control on the Macintosh.

  • Psychology Software Tools, Inc.: PST is brought to you by the makers of the MEL programming language. Here, you'll have a chance to download demos and software, and learn about MEL's predecessor, E-Prime.

  • There used to be a CTI-Psychology site which housed "The Centre Directory of Psychology Software and Software Reviews" that was packed with software information. Some of this is still available within the web pages of LTSN Psychology. LTSN is packed with resources to support the teaching of psychology.

  • Computers in Mental Health: Here, you'll find a database of software used in mental health profession, relevant books, articles, and membership information.

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Psychology Publishers/Books

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Psychology Tutorials

Below are a few tutorials we've reviewed. For an ever-growing list of tutorials, we highly recommend John Krantz's index of Psychological Tutorials and Demonstrations.

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Local Psychology Links

Who is Joe? He's a Columbia grad who is now pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Joe produced the first version of this page several years ago, as a Student Technology Assistant. Since then, a succession of web-savvy undergraduates have helped to keep it going. The page was last updated on September 22, 2003.

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