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Peer Advising Network

We are now accepting applications for the Peer Advising Network.
Also see Faculty Advisor and Program Advisor Assignments.

Peer Advisors for 2016-17

Jessica Paek <jp3474>
Nina Mandracchia <nm2807>
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apply for this position

Neuroscience and Behavior
Daniel Vaccaro <dhv2107>
Maria D'Iorio <mad2241>
Jeremy Sherman <jds2238>
Heather Macomber <hcm2130>
Alangoya Tezel <at3001>
Dylan Cooper <djc2198>

What is a "Peer Advisor?" Peer Advisors are students who are majoring in Psychology or in Neuroscience and Behavior and who have volunteered their time and energy to the creation and implementation of a Psychology Peer Advising Network. The charge for Peer Advisors is to provide a resource of accurate information for students while also devising new and more effective ways to facilitate contact between majors and faculty advisors.

Peer Advisors are well informed of the department's requirements and policies, they are comfortable working with both faculty and students, and they are interested in overseeing new programs and events to better inform majors of opportunities within the Department of Psychology.

Who are your Peer Advisors? Most of our Peer Advisors have now graduated. The table above shows our current Peer Advisor. Peer advisors are available to all Columbia undergraduates who have already declared a Psychology Major or Concentration, or a Neuroscience and Behavior Major, or who are considering one of these programs. Peer Advisors in the Neuroscience and Behavior column are better versed in the Neuroscience and Behavior major, while those in the Psychology column are more familiar with the Psychology major.

How to contact a Peer Advisor. You may send email to a Peer Advisor to set up an appointment; using the UNI next to the Advisor's name. You will also find Peer Advisors at all of our Major Advising Fairs and Forums, where they will be happy to meet with you individually or in small groups to discuss things such as planning your program and getting involved in research.

How to become a Peer Advisor. If you are interested in applying to be a Peer Advisor, please click here for more information and an application form.

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