To Our New Majors:

Welcome to Psychology! 

As you map out your academic plans for the coming year, here are some tips to help you take advantage of the advising resources provided by the Department of Psychology.  These resources include:

To learn more about the majors we offer or for assistance planning your program, you should take advantage of the various resources available to you via the Undergraduate InfoPack --starting with the Program Planning Tips page. Once you've familiarized yourself with this information, you might want to consult a faculty advisor. All faculty are happy to discuss the field of psychology with interested students. You will find your faculty advisor assignment, along with suggestions for how to prepare for a meeting with your faculty advisor, on the Faculty Advisor web page.

Your Peer and Faculty Advisors will serve as important contacts for psychology-related questions, including research opportunities, fields of study, and post-graduation plans. Please note that Faculty and Peer Advisors are not prepared to provide accurate or definitive answers to questions about major requirements, transfer credit, or other administrative aspects of the degree.  For those issues we recommend that you contact your Program Advisor or the Undergraduate Curriculum Assistant, in 406 Schermerhorn.

In addition to the contacts you will forge in the Dept. of Psychology, it is equally important that you maintain contact with your College or G.S. Advisor during the next two years.  They can assist you in many ways, including answering questions about graduation requirements, study abroad, pre-professional studies, special programs, and other academic planning needs outside of your major and/or concentration.

Best of luck as you pursue your studies in psychology!

The Faculty and Staff of the Department of Psychology

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