Barnard College Department of Psychology

Field Work Opportunities

Two courses offered by the Barnard Psychology Department involve field work opportunities:

I. BC3473y Field Work Seminar in Psychological Services and Counseling

In supervised field work, students learn to apply psychological principles to work and treatment in clinical, educational, medical, and other institutional settings. Students are placed in a supervised internship (minimum of seven hours per week) at a psychiatric or counseling institution and write a project report on their experiences. Students also participate in a weekly seminar in which they discuss theoretical approaches to clinical problems and case materials. 

Prerequisites:  3 psychology courses and permission of the instructor (to be obtained during program planning the previous Spring--contact department for details). Enrollment limited to 12 students; seniors given priority.  (4 points)

II. BC3465x, BC3466y Field Work and Research Seminar:  Barnard Toddler Center

The Barnard Toddler Center provides the focus for field work and research in applied developmental psychology, an amalgam of developmental, educational, and clinical psychology. Students assist one morning a week at the Center, make individual class presentations, carry out team research projects, and participate in a two-hour weekly seminar which integrates theory, research, and practice.

Prerequisite: BC 1127 or 1129 and permission of the instructor. Permission should be requested in the Spring of the year preceding registration. Enrollment limited to 12 students. 4 points each semester.



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