Psychology Major Declaration

Psychology Departmental Approval
is NO LONGER required to declare a Psychology Major.

Do I need department approval to declare a Psychology major or concentration?

No. You may use the online major declaration system for both the Psychology Major and the Psychology Concentration.

Do I need department approval to declare a Neuroscience and Behavior major?

No. You may use the online major declaration system for the Neuroscience and Behavior Major.

How should I go about planning my psychology or Neuroscience & Behavior major prior to registration?

Start by carefully reading the description of the Psychology Major requirements or Neuroscience & Behavior major requirements. Then study the online InfoPack, beginning with Program Planning Tips. Here and on associated web pages you will find detailed information regarding course requirements, courses offered during the upcoming academic year, and other information regarding the majors. Of particular relevance to new majors are the Honors Program and procedures for obtaining major credit for transfer courses.

You are encouraged to meet with a program, peer, or faculty advisor to discuss your plans for completing the major. If you do plan to meet to talk over your plans, please fill out a copy of a Major Requirement Checklist and bring it with you to the meeting.

Notes for Psychology majors:

  • Your plans for your junior year must include a statistics course and a psychology lab course if you have not yet completed the 2nd and 3rd major requirements.
  • If you are planning to transfer credit for psychology courses taken at another institution, you must apply for transfer credit prior to the end of your junior year.





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