Requirement Checklist for
Psychology Majors in the Honors Program

Complete the form below and discuss it with your program or faculty advisor prior to registration. Show grades for all courses you have completed, and include all courses you plan to take to complete your major, minor, or concentration. You may print this form and/or submit it via the web. Graduating Seniors:Please use the online submission feature to send a copy of this form to the UCA prior to the start of your final semester. (Note: To print the completed form, you may need to adjust your browser font size and/or the print scaling factor.)

Name (Last, First): UNI: Phone:

E-mail: Local Address:

School: Program: Psych Advisor:

Entered Columbia when? (mm/yy): Plan to Graduate when? (mm/yy):

Please enter all requested information as shown in Examples 1 and 2 at top of form. (Ex. 2 is a transfer course.)

Course #

Professor / Title of Course

Term & Yr



Ex. 1: UN1010

Mobbs/ Mind, Brain, and Behavior

Fall '14



Ex. 2: Other*

U.Conn Psych 101/Shelly/Intro Psych (approved by DUS*)

Spr '13



1. The Science of Psychology: PSYC UN1001, S1001, or BC1001.

2. Statistics: PSYC UN1610 (recommended), or STAT UN1001, UN1101 (formerly W1111), or UN1201 (formerly W1211).

3. Laboratory: Any course numbered in the 1400's.

4. Group I. Perception and Cognition: 2200's, 3200's, or 4200's. Also UN1420, UN1480, or UN1490.

5. Group II. Psychobiology and Neuroscience: 2400's, 3400's, or 4400's. Also UN1010.

6. Group III. Social, Personality, and Abnormal: 2600's, 3600's, or 4600's. Also UN1450 or UN1455.

One course meeting the Seminar Requirement (for students entering CU in Fall 2013 or later)

Honors Program Courses: Four Semesters of UN3910 and up to 12 points of UN3920.

Other ("Elective") Courses (see program requirements below)

Please review the program requirements below before completing and submitting this form.

How many pts (completed or planned) toward your program have you listed above?:

Will the courses you have listed above--when completed--safisfy all requirements of your program?

Comments? Use this space for comments, questions, or to list additional Psych Courses you were not able to fit into the form above.

Summary of Requirements for a Psychology Major in the Honors Program

  • Complete at least 36 pts. This may include:
    • up to nine points from Barnard psychology courses;
    • no more than 12 pts total of UN3920 plus UN3950.
  • Complete at least one course from each of the six categories above.
  • Complete four terms of Honors Seminar and Honors Research.
  • All grades must be C- or better. No pass-fail.
  • One course meeting the Seminar Requirement (for students entering CU in Fall 2013 or later).
  • See additional rules below regarding transfer credit.
  • Transfer Credit: No more then 9 pts. of transfer credit (including any Barnard pts) are accepted for the major. Any transfer credits (except for the Barnard courses described above) require signed approval of D.U.S. A grade of B- or better is required in non-C.U. courses.

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