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Major Requirement Checklists


Send a Checklist to the Undergraduate Curriculum Assistant, in 406 Schermerhorn Hall prior to the start of your final semester.

Seeing your Advisor?

Use a Major Requirement Checklist to plan your program for the year ahead and to monitor your progress toward completion of your major or concentration. Always bring a completed Checklist when you meet with your faculty advisor. To give you an idea what a completed form might look like, a sample is provided below.

Web-submittable checklists

The table above provides links to Checklists that you may fill out online and then submit electronically. When you click on the Submit button, you'll receive a web acknowledgement showing all the information you entered. In addition, the same information that is sent to UCA in the Psychology Dept. Office will be sent to your email address. If you would like to send a copy to your advisor as well, include your advisor's email address, separated by a comma, after your own on the form.

Web-submittable checklists may also be printed. Print a copy for yourself and/or your advisor after you've entered all information.

If you prefer, you can download a pdf version of the checklist (format 2) and complete it by hand.

Requirement Checklist for
format 1 format 2
Psychology Majors web-submittable pdf form
Psychology Majors in Honors web-submittable pdf form
Psychology Concentrators web-submittable pdf form
Neuroscience and Behavior Majors web-submittable pdf form
Neuroscience and Behavior Majors in Honors web-submittable pdf form

Psychology Major Requirement Checklist

SAMPLE CHECKLIST, as filled out by hypothetical senior.


Complete the form below and discuss it with your advisor prior to registration. Include courses you PLAN to take as well as those you have already completed. Seniors: Give an updated copy to the UCA in 406 Schermerhorn prior to your final semester.

Name: Jan Doe C.C. or G.S.? G.S. Advisor in Psych: Putnam Advisor in G.S: P. Crotts (psc8)

Local address: 568 W. 103rd #3J Phone: 663-1234 E-mail: jrd34


Dates when: Entered Columbia: Spr '09. Declared major: Spr '11. Plan to graduate: May '14.

Requirements for a Psychology Major in College or GS:
Complete at least 30 pts., including one course from each of the six categories below. All C- or better. No pass-fail.
Course # Professor / Title of Course Term / Year Points Grade
1. Science of Psychology: W1001, S1001, or BC1001.
W1001 Lindemann / Science of Psychology Spr '09 3 A
2. Statistics: Psych W1610 (recommended), or Statistics W1001, W1111, or W1211.
W1610 Rakitin / Stats for Behavioral Scientists Fall '11 4 A
3. Laboratory: Any course numbered in the 1400's.
W1420 Lindemann / Exp Psych:Human Behavior Spr '12 4 A-
4. Gp I. Perception and Cognition: 2200's, 3200's, or 4200's. Also W1420, W1480, or W1490.
W2220 Metcalfe / Cognition: Memory and Stress Fall '13 3 ?
5. Gp II. Psychobiology and Neuroscience: 2400's, 3400's, or 4400's. Also W1010.
W3450 Terrace / Evol. of Intell. & Consciousness Spr' 10 3 A
6. Gp III. Social, Personality, and Abnormal: 2600's, 3600's, or 4600's. Also W1450 or W1455.
W2610 Mischel / Intro to Personality Fall '10 3 A+
One course meeting the Seminar Requirement (for students entering CU in Fall '13 or later)
W3450 Terrace / Evol. of Intell. & Consciousness Spr' 10 3 A
Other ("Elective") Courses: May include up to nine Barnard credits and 8 pts of W3950.
W2450 Taylor / Behavioral Neuroscience Spr '11 3 A
G4635 Sparrow / The Unconscious Mind Fall '12 4 A-
W3950 Mischel / Supervised Individual Research Fall '13 3 ?
W3950 Mischel / Supervised Individual Research Spr '13 3 B+
BC3387 McCaskill / Topics in Neuroethics Spr '13 4 A-
. . . . .
. . . . .

Requirements 1 - 6 satisfied as of (date): Dec. '13 Total points toward major = 37 by May '14

Advisor’s Signature (optional): ______________________________ Date: ____________________

Barnard psychology courses: No more than 9 points from Barnard psychology courses may be applied as credit toward the major. The table of approved Barnard psychology courses indicates which courses have been approved for specific requirements of the psychology major. Courses not on the approved list may only be applied toward a specific requirement with prior written approval from a program adviser. Courses not on the approved list for a specific requirement may be applied as elective credit toward the 30 points for the major.

Transfer credit: Psychology courses taken at other institutions require D.U.S. approval and a grade of B- or better in order to count toward the major. No more than nine transfer credits (including any Barnard points) may be applied toward the major. See the "apply for exceptions" link on the Infopack web page for instructions and application form.

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