Psychology Courses
The Science Requirement

The Science Requirement:

Two terms of the science requirement may be taken within the Department of Psychology. As you can see below, many--but not all--Columbia psychology courses qualify.

If you're interested in Psychology in 2016-17:

Current course offerings:
All courses listed above are being offered in 2016-17. See the curriculum table for more information on term and time, and for a link to the course description and syllabus. (The right-most "Sci" column in the table shows whether or not a given course will count toward the science requirement.)

Columbia Summer Session courses: Any "S" course offered by the Psychology Department in the Summer Session is applicable toward the same degree requirement(s) as a "UN" course of that same number offered during the academic year. (For instance, S1001 meets the same requirements as UN1001.)

Barnard Psychology courses will not satisfy the Columbia Science Requirement unless you were a Barnard student at the time you took them. In that case please follow the procedures described below for transfer students.

Transfer students: Psychology courses taken elsewhere need to be evaluated by the department to determine if they can be applied toward the science requirement. We encourage you to do this as soon after transferring as possible. Procedures are somewhat different for C.C. and G.S. students. Please read the section "How to Get Permission for Exceptions" for G.S. Students or for C.C. Students.

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