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Please join us for the presentations of honors theses
by students completing the Psychology Honors Program in 2016.

Presentations will take place on
Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 3p.m.
in 614 Schermerhorn Hall.

May 5, 2016

Hezi Ben Sasson (Daphna Shohamy)

The Role of Episodic Memory in Value-Based Decisions
Suzie Kim
(Kevin Ochsner)
Culture and Moral Memory: The Effects of Independent and Interdependent Self-Construals on Recall of Moral Events
Jessica Li
(Sarah Woolley)
How Zebra Finches Coordinate Their Calls
Blair Vail
(Daphna Shohamy)
In Retrospect: Memory, Loss, and Anxiety
Kalman Victor
(Tory Higgins)
Putting the "Saying" back into Saying-Is-Believing: The Psycholinguistic Concomitants of Shared Reality
Linda Wang
(Tory Higgins)
Regulatory Focus in the Ultimatum Game

The students listed below have successfully completed all requirements of the Psychology Honors Program for graduation with Departmental Honors


May 6, 2015

Zachary Glasser
(Valerie Purdie-Vaughns)

Graying out the Threat: Age, Race and Perceptions of Criminality
Kierstin Utter
(Steve Stroessner)
Apprized possessions: Factors affecting race bias in anger perception
Sahng-Ah Yoo
(Tory Higgins)
Vicarious Shared Reality
Farah Tamizuddin
(Tory Higgins)
The Impact of Motivation on Romantic Relationships
Lauren Tomasulo
(Tory Higgins)
Moving On or Digging Deeper? Regulatory Mode Interactions in Dyads in Conflict
Yuval Aberman
(Tory Higgins)
Musicking: Self-Regulation and Music Experience
May 7, 2014

Isaac Assor
(Geraldine Downey)

Rejection Sensitivity and Executive Control as Joint Predictors of Perseverance Following Rejection
Julia Chen
(Kevin Ochsner)
Social Regulation of Negative Emotions:
The Mere Presence of Others
Marvellous Iheukwumere
(Carl Hart)
MDMA (Molly) Increases Cigarette Smoking
Alex Jonokuchi
(Dean Mobbs)
Anxiety and Reward Sensitivity in Response to Approaching Threat: Examining Human Fear Behavior Using a Novel, Ecologically-Inspired Task
Y. Dana Neugut
(Tory Higgins)
Shared Reality and Regulatory Mode
May 8, 2013

C. Giselle Doepker
(Kevin Ochsner)

The Effects of Choice and Motive on Performance and Persistence
David Halpern
(Hakwan Lau)
Dissociations Between Confidence Ratings and Performance in a Visual Discrimination Task
Carl Jago
(Tory Higgins)
Are Values as Fickle as Fashion? Social Influence as a Probe for Moral Flexibility
Yoshiaki Ko
(Hakwan Lau)
Visual Attention as Internal Noise Reduction
Kevin Montiel
(Valerie Purdie-Vaughns)
Boundaries of Desire: Self-Disclosure, Concealment and Eating Disorder Risk Among Out Gay Men
David Rhee
(Donald Hood)
The Effect of Magnification on Optical Coherence Tomography
Jennifer Smerling
(Catherine Monk)
The Effects of Folic Acid and Zinc Consumption on Fetal Autonomic Nervous System Development
May 2, 2012

Emma Draper-Reich
(James Curley)

Individual Differences in Paternal Behavior in Mice
Olivia Mandelbaum
(Tory Higgins)
Daily Internet Use Patterns: Regulatory Mode Moderates Use Throughout the Day
Erik Nook
(Kevin Ochsner)
Tell Me How You Feel: The Effects of Emotion Naming on Emotion Regulation
Colleen Platt
(Frances Champagne)
The Effects of Environmental Experience on Behavior and the Brain in Adulthood
Rithu Ramachandran
(Donald Hood)
A Method for Deriving Visual Field Boundaries from OCT Scans of Patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa
Michael Smith
(Janet Metcalfe)
Examining the Stability of Memories: How Do We Re-learn?
Katherine Zee
(Tory Higgins)
Less is More: Tailoring Help to Situational Needs
May 4, 2011

Maxwell Bertolero
(Edward Smith)

Cognitive Control and Depression
Kira Boesch
(Tory Higgins)
The Speedy Side of Prevention Focus
Leor Hackel
(Kevin Ochsner)
Situational Determinants of Empathic Accuracy
Julia Reuben
(Catherine Monk)
Quality of Early Maternal Care and Stress Reactivity in Adolescence
Randi Scott
(David Krantz)
The Effects of Cognitive Construal on Food Preferences
Joanna Wang
(Frances Champagne)
The Transgenerational Effects of Social Experiences in Mice
May 5, 2010
Aicha Cisse
(Carl Hart)
Role of Motives in Apparent Methamphetamine-Induced Risky Sexual Behavior in Men Who Have Sex with Men
David Eddie
(Carl Hart)
Subjective Effects of Methamphetamine and Alcohol in Combination
Larissa Higgins
(Kathy Berenson and Geraldine Downey)
How Emotional Awareness Impacts Rage Reactions to Rejection in Borderline Personality Disorder
Anna Murray
(Catherine Monk)
Effects of Trauma on Maternal Physiology and Fetal Development

Maya Opendak
(Peter Balsam)

Memory for Time
Caitlin Stachon
(Tory Higgins)
Self-Control Conflicts and the Restrained Eater
April 29, 2009
Ashleigh Aviles
(Tory Higgins)
Regulatory Focus and Learning
Nick Camp
(Tory Higgins)
What Drives Cultural Differences in Attention? The Role of Self-Construal and Regulatory Focus
Anushree Doshi
(Sarah Woolley)
Mate Copying in Female Zebra Finches
Natalie Johnston
(Tor Wager)
The Impact of Expectancy and Attention on Pain Perception
Emily Jordan
(Frances Champagne)
Effects of Communal Nesting on Offspring Social Behavior
Allison Reid
(David Krantz)
Justifying Injustice: The Effects of Affiliation Manipulation on Judicial Decision Making
Jennifer Salant
(Don Hood)
Scanning Laser Polarimetry: A Test of a Structure-Function Linear Model and Reliability

April 30 and May 7, 2008

Devika Bhushan
(Geraldine Downey)
Assessing the Consequences of RS-Gender for Stereotype Threat Susceptibility
Rachel Gibbons
(Robert Krauss)
Linguistic Convergence in Roommate Pairs
Taylor Joerger
(Jennifer Mangels
Daphna Shohamy)
When Recollection Helps You to Realize Something Didn’t:  An ERP Study of Feedback in Disqualifying False Memories
Emily Lightstone
(Niall Bolger)
Heather O'Neil
(Herb Terrace)
Do Sounds Facilitate Performance in Rhesus Macaques and Humans?
Dana Pavarini
(Tory Higgins)
What is the Role of Experienced Expectancy in Value Creation?
Erin Yates
(Robert Krauss)
Inferring Personal Attributes from Voice: Effects of Pitch and Gender
April 25, 2007
Thomas Blair
(Christoph Wiedenmayer)
Social Recognition and Social Memory in Rat Pups
Victory Joseph
(Peter Balsam)
The Role of Cortico-striatal Loops in Temporal Information Processing
Sonya Thomas
(Don Hood)
The Lateral Geniculate Nucleus: Gateway to Vision
Allison Turza
(Carl Hart)
The Effects of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (Ecstasy) on Reported and Observed Social Behavior in Humans
Noam Zerubavel
(Tory Higgins)
The Unintentional Self: Systematic Breakdowns in Self-Regulation
April 26 and May 3, 2006
Katelyn Beaudette (Katherine Monk)
Emotional Availability as a Function of Past Trauma


Chloe Carmichael (Tory Higgins)
Regulatory Focus and the Assignment of Punishment
Julia DiBegnino
(Geraldine Downey)
I Don't Care What You Think About Me: Do Performance and Rejection Sensitivity Predict Extreme Responses to Rejection?
James Garrett (Eshkol Rafaeli and Geraldine Downey)
Self-Efficacy and Mood in Social Support Processes
Chris Kelly
(Joy Hirsch)
Aggression-related Changes in Orbitofrontal Cortex During Repeated Exposure to Media Violence
Jennifer Mesrie (Jennifer Mangels)
Achievement Motivation and Learning: A Gamma Band EEG Study
Tara Patterson
(Joy Hirsch)
Affects of Masked and Non-Masked Fear-Relevant Stimuli on Memory for Neutral Information
Zoe Weinstein
(Tory Higgins)

Influences of Context on Impression Formation
April 27, 2005
Jeremiah Bertz
The Influences of Visual Pitch on Visually Perceived Eye Level, Visually Perceived Vertical, Felt Hand Position, and Felt Head Position
Hila Katz
Finding the Right Word: A Study of Irregular Past Tense Forms
Kathryn Struthers
Regulatory Focus and Goal Emphasis:
Setting Minimal, Maximal, and Aspiration Level Goals
Rebecca Warner
The Relationship Between Pitch and Persuasiveness
April 28, 2004
Molly Flaherty
Comparing Cognition: Metacognition in Human and Nonhuman Animals
Austin Frank
Interactivity and Shared Representation: A Computational Investigation of Homophones in Production
Rachel Kolster
Processing Emotional Faces Under Divided Attention
Mary Steffel
Influence of Regulatory Focus on Decision Making under Ambiguity
Jennifer Thorpe
Value Transfer from Fit in the Case of Negative Options
April 30 and May 7, 2003
Jessica Chan
Gillian Diercks
Expectancy and Learning: A Proposed ERP Study
Raquel Gardner
What's in a Voice? Pitch and Persuasiveness
Lauren Kornreich
Weighted Adjustment: A Descriptive Theory of Choice for Decisions from Experience
Kathryn Romansky
The Role of Theory of Mind in Social Learning
Adam Waytz
Implicit Theories and Environmental Stereotype Threat for Women in Mathematics
May 1 and May 8, 2002
Ardavan Akhavan
Dopamine and Aversive Conditioning
Dana Heitmeyer
Associative Retrieval Processes in Rhesus Macaques
Elizabeth Horstmann
Identity and Social Support: A Study of an Internet Support Group for Fibrous Dysplasia
Hedy Kober
Value Transfer in Goal Pursuit: Value from Fit, Attainment, and Maintenance
Lindsay Lugar
The Effects of Regulatory Fit on Conflict Resolution
Kim VanOrden
Regulatory Pride and Self-Monitoring
Bhavana Vishnubhotla
A Circadian Rhythm in Appetitive Conditioning in the Rat
April 25, 2001
Robin Haber
(Robert Krauss)
Jennifer Kim
(Michele Miozzo)
Anna Wiste
(Carol Dweck)
April 24, 2000
Aileen Heinberg
Avi-Jonah Schwab
Jan Seele
Gavin Williams
Joshua Yorgason
April 21 and April 28, 1999
Angelina Davis
Sensitivity to Race Based Rejection
Bahar Firoz
The Human Multi-Focal Electroretinogram and the Inner-Retinal Component
Rekha Joy
Effects of Acute Administration of Quinpirole
Nancy Kim
Korean and American Students' Views of Intelligence
Kathleen Schnare
The Language of the Self
Renee Slon
Judgements of Learning and the Allocation of Study Time
Elizabeth Wallace
How Mental Models Influence Memory and Performance

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