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Julian Hochberg
Emeritus Centennial Professor
Ph.D., University of Berkeley, 1949

General Area of Research

Visual perception as a science, motion pictures as its technology

Current Research

I study the topic of visual perception and the relevant underlying processes as a unified field of science, with a research emphasis on moving pictures (in all forms, including entertainment, head-mounted displays, animations, etc.). Pictures comprise one of our most important technologies, increasingly outsourced to computers-as-film-makers; in particular, moving pictures are also a largely unmined source of information about the human cognitive and motivational processes they depend on.

Relevant Publications

Hochberg, J. (2003). Acts of perceptual inquiry: Problems for any stimulus-based simplicity theory.
Acta Psychologica, 114 (3), 215-228.

Hochberg, J. (2004). A new and robust way to put movies to work in analyzing perceptual inquiry.
Abstract, Society of Experimental Psychologists.

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