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Psychology Department Colloquium Series

  2015 - 2016 Information

Time: Wednesdays 4:10 PM

614 Schermerhorn Hall

Refreshments are served after the talks in the 3rd Floor Rotunda in Schermerhorn Hall

To arrange a meeting with one of the colloquium speakers, please contact the faculty host for that speaker directly

Meetings are generally held from 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM on the day of the talk

September 30, 2015
Russell Fernald Stanford University

Title: Cognitive skills used in establishing social hierarchies
Host: James Curley
October 28, 2015
Title: The life of a memory: associative memory formation and consolidation
Host: Elke Weber and Daphna Shohamy
November 11, 2015
Jennifer Lerner Harvard University
Title: Emotion and Decision Making
Host: Kevin Ochsner
December 9, 2015
Scott Huettel Duke University
Title: Neural mechanisms of social decision making
Host: Elke Weber and Daphna Shohamy
February 10, 2016
Elizabeth Gould Princeton University
Title: Structural plasticity in the adult mammalian brain
Host: Sarah Woolley
February 24, 2016
Ethan Kross University of Michigan
Title: Self-Talk as a Regulatory Mechanism: How You Do It Matters
Host: Kevin Ochsner
March 9, 2016
Title: The Four R’s of Academic Achievement
Host: Geraldine Downey
March 23, 2016
Title: Are you experienced: Cognitive Experience Can Radically Alter Neural Circuits CANCELLED
Host: Sarah Woolley
April 6, 2016
Alison Gopnik UC Berkeley
Title: When children are better (or at least more open-minded) learners than adults are: Theory formation, causal models and the evolution of learning and plasticity
Host: Nim Tottenham
April 27, 2016
Adam Anderson Cornell University
Host: Kevin Ochsner
May 5, 2016
Senior Honors Presentations
Host: Kevin Ochsner, Nim Tottenham


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