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Psychology Department Colloquium Series

  2016 - 2017 Information

Time: Wednesdays 4:10 PM

614 Schermerhorn Hall

Refreshments are served after the talks in the 3rd Floor Rotunda in Schermerhorn Hall

To arrange a meeting with one of the colloquium speakers, please contact the faculty host for that speaker directly

Meetings are generally held from 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM on the day of the talk

September 14, 2016
Larisa Heiphetz Columbia University
Title: The Essence of Morality: Insights from Adults and Children
September 28, 2016
Title: Developmental Neurobiology of Attachment and Fear: Lessons from an animal model
Host: Nim Tottenham
October 12, 2016
Craig Rush University of Kentucky
Title: Treating Obesity: What can it tell us about identifying a pharmacotherapy for cocaine-use disorder?
Host: Carl Hart
October 26, 2016
Katherine Milkman University of Pennsylvania
Title: TBA
Host: Kevin Ochsner
November 16, 2016
Leah Somerville Harvard University
Title: TBA
Host: Nim Tottenham
Novemeber 30, 2016
Title: TBA
Host: Peter
December 7, 2016
Bonita London Stony Brook University
Title: TBA
Host: Geraldine Downey
January 25, 2017
Tor Wager University of Colorado Boulder
Title: TBA
Host: Nim Tottenham
February 1, 2017
Staci Bilbo Duke University
Title: Sex Differences in Microglial Maturation within the Developing Brain: Implications for neuropsychiatric disorders
Host: Frances Champagne
February 15, 2017
Margaret McCarthy University of Maryland
Title: Non-neuronal Cells Drive Developmental Sex Differences in Neurons and Adult Behavior
Host: Rae Silver
March 8, 2017
Daniel Rubenstein Princeton University
Title: Social Networks and Animal Societies: Linking form with function
Host: James Curley
March 22, 2017
Nate Kornell Williams College
Title: TBA
Host: Lisa Son
April 5, 2017
Norbert Schwarz University of Southern California
Title: TBA
Host: Tory Higgins
April 12, 2017
Department’s inaugural Annual Mamie and Kenneth Clark Memorial Lecture
May 3, 2016
Senior Honors Presentations