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Sch= Schermerhorn Main

SchExt= Schermerhorn Extension

Miriam Aly Photo
Assistant Professor (begining July 1, 2017)

212-854-2589  406 Sch
Interactions between attention, perception, and memory in the brain and in behavior
Niall Bolger Photo

212-854-9034  402A Sch
212-854-0127  219 Sch (lab)
How do our close relationships affect how we cope with stressful events?
Frances Champagne Photo
Associate Professor and Vice Chairperson

212-854-2589  315 Sch
212-854-2490  251-255 Sch Ext (lab)
Behavioral neuroscience, maternal behavior, epigenetics
James Curley Photo
Assistant Professor

212-854-7033  317 Sch
352 Sch Ext (lab)
Behavioral Neuroscience & Development
Geraldine Downey Photo

212-854-8718  402C Sch
212-854-4223  219 Sch (lab)
Personality & personality disorders, developmental psychopathology, cognitive-affective processes
Katherine Fox-Glassman Photo
Lecturer in the Discipline in Psychology

212-854-4550  314 Sch
Perception of risk and probability, and judgment and decision making related to environmental hazards
Norma Graham Photo
Centennial Professor

212-854-5591  372A SchExt
358-360 Sch Ext (lab)
Visual perception, human psychophysics, mathematical models of visual behavior and neurophysiology
Carl Hart Photo
Dirk Ziff Professor of Psychology and Department Chairperson

212-851-9421  401D Sch
212-854-8016  510 Sch (lab)
Behavioral and neuropharmacological effects of psychoactive drugs in humans
Larisa Heiphetz Photo
Assistant Professor

 212-854-1348 355C SchExt
Social cognitive development; religious and moral cognition; intergroup attitudes.
E. Tory Higgins Photo
Stanley Schachter Professor

212-854-1297  401C Sch
212-854-8464  328 (lab)
Motivation & social cognition; judgment & decision making; self-regulatory biases & vulnerabilities.
Donald Hood Photo
James F. Bender Professor

212-854-4587  415 Sch
212-854-4234  301 (lab)
Physiological and psychophysical studies of human visual perception
Patricia Lindemann Photo
Lecturer in the Discipline in Psychology

212-854-8285  358E SchExt
Decision making, understanding the different strategies that individuals use to make decisions
Caroline Marvin Photo
Marvin, Caroline
Lecturer in the Discipline in Psychology

212-854-3608  355B SchExt
Curiosity, motivation, and learning
Leonard Matin Photo

212-854-4538  306 Sch
212-854-4325  301 (lab)
Visual perception and cognitive neuroscience of space and sensorimotor behavior
Janet Metcalfe

212-854-7971  401B Sch
212-854-4726  364-365 (lab)
Metacognition, evolution of self-reflective consciousness, study time allocation, judgments of learning
Walter Mischel
Robert Johnston Niven Professor

212-854-3957  401A Sch
212-854-8450  310 Sch (lab)
Personality structure, processes and development; self-control; personality inferences
Kevin Ochsner Photo

212-851-9348  369 Sch Ext
212-854-1860  321-324 Sch (lab)
Social cognitive neuroscience approaches to emotion and its regulation, self control, & person perception.
Valerie Purdie-Vaughns Photo1
Associate Professor

212-854-1954  402D Sch
212-851-5964  200A/D
Intergroup Relations & Diversity
Lois Putnam Photo

212-854-4550  314 Sch
Psychophysiology of attention and emotion and their development
Daphna Shohamy Photo
Associate Professor

212-854-7560  368 SchExt
212-851-2795  312-318 Sch (lab)
The cognitive neuroscience of learning, memory and decision making
Rae Silver Photo

212-854-5531  367 SchExt
212-854-3909  260 (lab)
Our behavior is systematically affected by neural, hormonal and immune system signals of which we are not aware.
Herbert Terrace

212-854-4544  418 Sch
212-854-8785  500x Sch  (lab)
Animal cognition; primate cognition; evolution of intelligence
Nim Tottenham
Associate Professor

212-854-1925  355D Sch Ext
409A Sch (lab)
Developmental Affective Neuroscience, Limbic-Cortical Development, Early-Life Stress
Sarah M.N. Woolley

212-851-9421  402B Sch
212-854-5452  251-255 Sch Ext (lab)
Neural basis and behavior of social communication