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Lynn Cooper Photo
Centennial Professor Emerita

212-854-3608  406 Sch
Perception and cognition, cognitive neuroscience, visual cognition, human intelligence and problem solving, perception and visual art.
Eugene Galanter Photo
Emeritus Professor

212-280-4382  460 RSD 52
Models of cognitive psychology and human development to enhance early childhood education
Julian Hochberg Photo
Emeritus Centennial Professor

212-854-3935  404A Sch
Visual perception as a science, motion pictures as its technology
David Krantz Photo
Emeritus Professor

212-854-4534  419E Sch
Decision making, reasoning and abstract measurement
Robert Krauss Photo
Emeritus Professor

212-854-3949  401C Sch
212-854-7033  500A (lab)
Human Communication, gesture and speech production, the vocal embodiment of identity