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Daniel Ames Photo
Professor (Business School)

212-854-0784  707 Uris
Social judgment and behavior
Peter Balsam Photo
Professor (Barnard College)

212-854-5312  415H Milbk
Analysis of mechanisms of learning with an emphasis on learning about time
Niall Bolger Photo

212-854-9034  402A Sch
212-854-0127  200A/D Sch (lab)
How do our close relationships affect how we cope with stressful events?
Adam Bricknam Photo
Assistant Professor (Neurology)

212-342-1348  314 Ph
Coming soon
Frances Champagne Photo
Associate Professor

212-854-2589  315 Sch
212-854-2490  251-255 Sch Ext (lab)
Behavioral neuroscience, maternal behavior, epigenetics
Lynn Cooper Photo
Centennial Professor Emerita

212-854-3608  406 Sch
Perception and cognition, cognitive neuroscience, visual cognition, human intelligence and problem solving, perception and visual art
James Curley Photo
Assistant Professor

212-854-7033   317 Sch
352 Sch Ext (lab)
Behavioral Neuroscience & Development
Geraldine Downey Photo

212-854-8718   402C Sch
212-854-6923  402D Sch (lab)
Personality & personality disorders, developmental psychopathology, cognitive-affective processes
Katherine Fox-Glassman Photo
Lecturer in Discipline in Psychology

212-854-4550  314 Sch
Perception of risk and probability, and judgment and decision making related to environmental hazards
Eugene Galanter Photo
Emeritus Professor

212-280-4382  460 RSD 52
Models of cognitive psychology and human development to enhance early childhood education
Michael Goldberg Photo
Professor (Medical School)

212-543-6931  561 Kolb Annex
The psychophysics and physiology of cognitive processes in the monkey
Norma Graham Photo
Centenniel Professor

212-854-5591  212-854-3006  372A SchExt
Visual perception, human psychophysics, mathematical models of visual behavior and neurophysiology
Christian Habeck Photo
Assistant Professor (Neurology)

212-305-0945  630 W 168Th St
Coming soon
Carl Hart Photo

212-854-5313  401D Sch
Behavioral and neuropharmacological effects of psychoactive drugs in humans
Larisa Heiphetz Photo
Assistant Professor (beginning July 1, 2016)

Social cognitive development; religious and moral cognition; intergroup attitudes.
Larry Heuer Photo
Professor (Barnard College)

212-854-7507  415K Milbk
Procedural fairness; psychology and law
E. Tory Higgins Photo
Stanley Schachter Professor

212-854-1297  401C Sch
212-854-8464  328 (lab)
Motivation & social cognition; judgment & decision making; self-regulatory biases & vulnerabilities
Julian Hochberg Photo
Emeritus Centennial Professor

212-854-3935  404A Sch
Visual perception as a science, motion pictures as its technology
Donald Hood Photo
James F. Bender Professor

212-854-4587  415 Sch
212-854-4234  301 (lab)
Physiological and psychophysical studies of human visual perception
Sheena Iyengar Photo
Associate Professor (Business School)

212-854-8308  714 Uris
Challenges to the basic assumption that choice is always preferred and unilaterally beneficial
Eric Johnson Photo
Professor (Business School)

212-854-5068  514 Uris Hall
Consumer and managerial decision-making and electronic commerce
David Krantz Photo

212-854-4534  419E Sch
Decision making, reasoning and abstract measurement
Robert Krauss Photo
Emeritus Professor

212-854-3949  401C Sch
212-854-7033  500A (lab)
Human Communication, gesture and speech production, the vocal embodiment of identity
Patricia Lindemann Photo
Lecturer in Discipline in Psychology

212-854-8285  358E SchExt
Decision making, understanding the different strategies that individuals use to make decisions
Stacey Lutz Photo
Adjunct Assistant Professor

212-854-9236  356 Sch Ext
Analysis of interview transcripts to develop consumer insights and strategic recommendations
Leonard Matin Photo

212-854-4538  306 Sch
212-854-4325  301 (lab)
Visual perception and cognitive neuroscience of space and sensorimotor behavior
E'mett McCaskill
Adj. Associate Professor (Barnard College)

212-854-8601  MILBANK 415 O
Neuro development, cognition, and behavior.
Koleen McKrink
Assistant Professor (Barnard College)

212-854-2069  415 Milbank Hall
The development of numerical cognition from infancy through adulthood, looking at why and how infants, children, and adults perform mathematical operations
Janet Metcalfe

212-854-7971  401B Sch
212-854-4726  364 (lab)
Metacognition, evolution of self-reflective consciousness, study time allocation, judgments of learning
Walter Mischel
Robert Johnston Niven Professor

212-854-3957  401A Sch
212-854-8450  309 Sch (lab)
Personality structure, processes and development; self-control; personality inferences
Dean Mobbs Photo
Assistant Professor

212-854-5318  370 SchExt
212-854-5006 409 Sch
Social and Affective Neuroscience, Neuroecology and Neurophilosophy
Michael W. Morris
Professor (Business School)

212-854-2296  718 Uris
Judgment and decision-making, culture and identity; psychological dynamics in conflict resolution
Joy McClure Photo
Adjunct Assistant Professor

212-543-5137  356 Sch
Psychoneuroimmunology, serotonergic influences on the development of neural circuits which mediate adult behaviors, the neural basis of social and emotional behavior.
Kevin Ochsner Photo
Associate Professor

212-851-9348  369 SchExt
212-854-1860  321-324 Sch (lab)
Social cognitive neuroscience approaches to emotion and its regulation, self control, & person perception
Valerie Purdie-Vaughns Photo1
Assistant Professor

212-854-1954  355B Sch
Intergroup Relations & Diversity
Lois Putnam Photo

212-854-4550  314 Sch
Psychophysiology of attention and emotion and their development
Brian Rakitin
Associate Professor (Neurology)

Robert Remez
Professor (Barnard College)

212-854-4247  415C Milbank
212-854-4247   (lab)
Perception of speech, perceptual organization, perceptual identification of individual talkers
Russell Romeo Photo
Assistant Professor (Barnard College)

212-854-5903  415B Milbank
Effects of pubertal maturation on brain and behavior
Ann Senghas Photo
Associate Professor & Psychology Chair (Barnard)

212-854-0115  415G Milbk
212-854-2056   (lab)
Language acquisition, cognitive development, language evolution, historical linguistics, gesture
Daphna Shohamy Photo
Assistant Professor

212-854-7560  368 SchExt
The cognitive neuroscience of learning, memory and decision making
Rae Silver Photo

212-854-5531  367 SchExt
212-854-3909  260 (lab)
Our behavior is systematically affected by neural, hormonal and immune system signals of which we are not aware.
Lisa Son Photo
Assistant Professor (Barnard College)

415F Milbank
Metacognition; Optimal learning; Development; Knowing not
Ursula Staudinger Photo
Professor of Sociomedical Sciences (Mailman School of Public Health)
212-305-0424  722 W. 168th St., 14 fl.
Plasticity of aging process in cognition and personality; psychology of wisdom; adult development in the work context
Yaakov Stern Photo
Professor (Medical School)

212-342-1350  Srgvsky Ctr
Cognitive neuroscience of aging
Steven Stroessner Photo
Professor (Barnard College)

212-854-8272  415D Milbank
212-854-8272   (lab)
Social cognition; Cognitive, affective & motivational factors in stereotyping and prejudice
Kathleen Taylor Photo
Adjunct Assistant Professor

212-854-5968  356 Sch Ext
Behavioral and neural basis of timed behavior and time perception; neural basis of learning
Herbert Terrace

212-854-4544  418 Sch
212-854-8785  352 (lab)
Animal cognition; primate cognition; evolution of intelligence
Elke U. Weber
JA Chazen Professor Intl Business

212-854-4427  419F Sch
The study of decision making under uncertainty, in the lab using both behavioral and fMRI data, and in the real world
Tara Well Photo
Professor (Barnard College)

212-854-5271  415E Milkbank
Personality, implicit and explicit motivation and their influence on memory
Sarah M.N. Woolley
Associate Professor and Department Chair

212-851-9421  402B Sch
Neural basis and behavior of social communication