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Nadev Antebi Photo

R556 Med Ctr
Positive psychology of sexuality and gender, protective attributes of stigma, sexual & gender identity and well-being (LGBTQQIA), social and personality development, and stereotypes and prejudice
Billur Avlar Photo

212-854-1860  321-324 Sch
Influence of affective experiences on learning and memory, motivation
Matthew Bailry Photo

212-854-3608  406 Sch
Behavioral Neuroscience: Motivation, anticipation, and goal directed behavior
Allison Turza Photo

212-854-8464  328-329 Sch
Motivation, Self-regulation
Daniel Barulli Photo

212-305-9712  630 W. 168th St.
Cognitive neuroscience of aging.
Melissa Boone Photo

R556 Med Ctr
The effects of social cognitive factors on health behaviors, specifically sexual behavior
Erin Kendall Braun Photo

212-851-2795  312-318 Sch Hall
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Ljubica Chatman Photo

212-854-8464  313A Sch
Agency, Memory, Transactive Memory, Epistemic evaluation, Shared Reality
Mark Conley Photo

212-854-8464  328-329 Sch
Chronic Maladaptive Behavior through evolutionary lens
James Cornwell Photo

212-854-8464  328-329 Sch
Moral judgments, ethical decision-making, shared reality
Jeffrey Craw Photo

212-854-0127  219 Sch
Romantic relationships and Physiology
Christopher Crew Photo

212-854-4223  402D Sch
Rejection Sensitivity as it relates to: Selective Attention, Interpersonal Relationships, Cognitive Control, Thought Suppression and Personality
Raymond Crookes Photo

212-854-8780  419 Sch
The affects of uncertainty, risk-perception and culture on decision making
Juliet Davidow Photo

212-851-2795  312-318 Sch
Learning and memory across development and supporting neural mechanism
Jose Eugenio Diaz Photo

R556 Med Ctr
Coming Soon
Bruce Dore Photo

212-854-1860  321-324 Sch
Brain systems supporting emotional appraisal, emotions in daily life,  phenomenological 'folk' theories of emotion
Teal Eich Photo

212-854-1860  321-324 Sch
Coming Soon
Kirsten Frazer Photo

212-854-8016  510 Sch
Coming Soon
Gerraty Raphael Photo

212-851-2795  312-318 Sch Hall
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Barbie Huelser Photo

212-854-4726  364-365 SchExt
Memory and metacognition; applying cognitive psychology to enhance educational practice
Gregory Jensen Photo

212-854-8785  500 Sch
Strategy formation, adaptation, functional variation, miscellanea
Seth Kallman Photo

212-854-1860  321-324 Sch
The brain systems that support self-regulation of behavior and social learning
Diana Keith Photo

212-854-3909  260-262 Sch
Drugs of abuse and the circadian rhythm
Sudy Majd Photo

212-854-8780  419 Sch Hall
Behavioral psychology and economics with a specific focus on consumer behavior
Rebecca Martin Photo

212-854-1860  321-324 Sch
Developmental cognitive neuroscience, neural representations of motivation, emotion-cognition interactions, educational neuroscience
Mariana Martins Photo

212-305-1745  722 W. 168th Street, Rm 545
I am interested in the interplay between individual, social, and structural factors in health and how these affect people's health behaviors
Caroline Marvin Photo

212-851-2795  312-318 Sch
Curiosity, motivation, and learning
Rahia Mashoodh Photo

212-854-2490  252 SchExt
developmental psychobiology, behavioural neuroscience, epigenetics, neuroendocrinology
Rebecca Mohr Photo

212-851-5964  200D Sch Hall
Stereotyping, intergroup interactions, multiple identities, and cultural psychology
Jenny Porter Photo

212-854-1860  321-324 Sch
The brain systems supporting emotion, empathic accuracy, and prosocial behavior. The influence of emotion on decision-making
Jenna Reinen Photo

212-851-2795  312-318 Sch
The impact of affective and motivational states upon neural and cognitive bases of learning, memory, and decision making
Travis Riddle Photo

212-854-8464 313A Sch
Social cognition, agency, consciousness, and voluntary behavior
Maya Rossignac-Milon Photo

212-854-3608  406 Sch
Shared reality, close relationships, motivation, social cognition
Claudia Schneider Photo

212-854-8780  419 Sch
Effects of culture, personality, society and environment on decision making and behavior
Jocelyn Shu Photo

212-854-5006  409 Sch Hall
Coming Soon
Juliana Smith Photo

212-854-2039  416 Sch
Individual and group decision making, specifically under risk and uncertainty; Motivation; Negotiation; Conflict Resolution; and Shared Reality
Kenzie Snyder Photo

212-854-0127  219 Sch
Relationships, both romantic and parent/child
Katherine Thompson Photo

212-854-2039  419 Sch
The interplay of risk perception, decision making, and memory
Kate Turetsky Photo

212-851-5964  200D Sch Hall
Group identity, intergroup relations, stereotyping, intervention research
Matti Vuorre Photo

212-854-4726  364-365 Sch Ext
Metacognitive processes, memory and agency
Christine Webb Photo

212-854-8464  328-329 Sch
Animal behavior, and more specifically primate social behavior and cognition
Judy Xu Photo

212-854-4726  364-365 Sch Ext
Learning & Memory, Metacognition, Mind Wandering, Attention
Lisa Zaval Photo

212-854-2039  419 Sch
The study of decision-making under uncertainty, risk-perception, memory
Noam Zerubavel Photo

212-854-1860  321-324 Sch
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