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Metacognition refers to knowledge about our own thoughts and feelings, and the cognitive regulation involved in directing a set of activities that will help control learning.

Our lab focuses on how people use their own metacognition to improve self-awareness and the cognitive processes necessary to guide learning and improve their metacognitive judgments.

The Experiments used in the lab are computer-based cognition, memory, learning, or agency tests designed to empirically study people's abilities to make judgments of their own learning; focusing on a theoretical perspective that proposes people are capable of honing in on their own 'Region of Proximal Learning'.

In addition to studying adult metacognition, certain computer experiments are also run with elementary aged school children in an after-school kids program with public school PS-75. The aim of this partnership is to hone in on the study methods used by school children in various grades when using their developing metacognition.

To participate in one of our studies students can sign up for cash or credit. Those wishing to participate for cash, please contact the Metcalfe Lab with available hours to come in for a session. Those interested in participating for credit, please visit and sign up for study '1' through the experimentrix web site. Sessions take anywhere from 30 - 90 minutes depending on the studies being run.

Please contact the lab directly for all other inquires.

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