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Language Lab

Columbia University

Director: Michele Miozzo, Ph.D.

Office: 406 Schermerhorn Hall - Phone: 212-854-8605
Lab: 200D Schermerhorn Hall - Phone: 212-854-0127

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The research in the lab focuses on the following issues:

Language and the Brain

How is language organized in the brain? We address this issue by studying brain damaged patients with language impairments.

Word Production

How do we choose the correct word when speaking? Analysis of speakers' errors helps us to understand how we do it.


We investigate language production in a number of languages - English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese(Mandarin), German, Korean, and perhaps more in the future.

How do we read and write?

How does literacy effect our cognition? The study of dyslexics, illiterate subjects, and brain damaged patients helps us to understand these questions.

If you want to participate in the lab meetings or in research projects, please contact Prof. Miozzo at

People collaborating with the lab:

Kristen Geiger
Bridgid Finn
Austin Frank
Hila Katz
Rachel Forster
Elise Caccappolo-van Vliet

People previously affiliated with the lab:

Melissa Jacobs - clinical graduate student at CUNY
Ezequiel Morsella - post-doc at Yale University
Taosheng Liu - post-doc at New York University
Tomislav Pavlicic - post-doc at Columbia University

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