In order to receive a certificate, students complete 28 credits and fulfill all the requirements listed below (these are also listed in the checklist). Each semester, prior to registration, you should arrange to meet with the program advisor to discuss your schedule. The Postbac Psychology Requirement Checklist can help you and your advisor plan and keep track of your progress. Please bring your up-to-date checklist with you to your meetings.

All seminars have limited enrollment and require permission of the instructor to register.  Many popular seminars fill up well in advance.  You should try to contact the professor of a seminar you would like to take several weeks prior to early registration (e.g., in October for Spring classes or in March for Fall classes).  Don’t forget that you are eligible to enroll in courses listed in the 4000’s.  These are open to graduate students as well as undergraduates and postbacs.
Postbac students need to complete a total of 28 points and fulfill these 8 requirements in order to earn the certificate.  Postbac students can apply up to 3 undergraduate courses (9 points) towards the postbac certificate with the approval of the program advisor.  Barnard courses are considered part of these 9 points.  In general, postbacs should not plan to take Barnard courses to fulfill requirements #2 – #8 of the postbac certificate program.  Students who wish to enroll in Barnard classes and to use them to complete the certificate requirments should speak to the program advisor.  Also note: Because the certificate program is not a degree program, transferred courses from institutions other than Barnard will not appear on your transcript