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Discover what is currently happening in faculty research by visiting the links below to the faculty names or labs. Learn about available opportunities in research and work study on our Research Opportunities page.

Faculty Research Labs
Balsam, Peter (BC) * Adaptive Behavior Lab
Bolger, Niall The Columbia Couples Lab
Champagne, Frances Champagne Lab: Psychobiology, Epigenetics & Neuroscience 
Curley, James Curley Lab
Downey, Geraldine Social Relations Laboratory
Graham, Norma Mathematical Models of Visual Perception
Substance Use Research Center
Heiphetz, Larisa Social and Moral Cognition Lab
Higgins, E. Tory Self-regulation, Negotiation, Decision Making, and Education
Hood, Donald Physiological Bases of Visual Processes
Iyengar, Sheena (Bus) How we make choices
Matin, Leonard Perception of Space and Form
Metcalfe, Janet Metacognition and Memory Lab
Mischel, Walter Personality Structure, Processes and Development
Morris, Michael (Bus) Cultural influence/Judgement & Decision Making
Ochsner, Kevin Social Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
Purdie-Vaughns, Valerie Laboratory of Intergroup Relations
and the Social Mind
Senghas, Ann (BC)* Language Acquisition and Development Research
Shohamy, Daphna The Learning Lab
Silver, Rae (CU/BC) Silver Neurobiology Lab
Staudinger, Ursula (CU Med) Plasticity of Aging
Stern, Yaakov (CU Med) Taub Institute Cognitive Neuroscience Division
Taylor, Kathleen (CU Med)
Adaptive Behavior Lab
Terrace, Herbert Primate Cognition Lab
Tottenham, Nim
Developmental Affective Neuroscience
Woolley, Sarah Communication Neuroscience Lab

  • * denotes faculty who do not sponsor undergraduate research through a section of PSYC W3950
  • (BC) denotes faculty members at Barnard College
  • (Bus.) denotes faculty members at Columbia Business School
  • (CU/BC) denotes faculty members with joint appointments at Columbia and Barnard College
  • (CU Med) denotes faculty members with appointments at Columbia and the Medical School