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Columbia’s Psychology Department has a tradition of research excellence and a proud history with legendary figures such as: James Catell, Edward Thorndike, Robert Woodworth, Gardner Murphy, Otto Klineberg, Fred Keller, William Schoenfeld, Clancy Graham, and their many famous students (see Timeline).

Today, as in the past, the faculty are pursuing cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research in the areas of behavioral neuroscience, cognition, motivation, visual perception, decision-making and social psychology. The excitement generated by collaborations, both within the department and across departments, is redefining the concept of a research university. The faculty laboratories provide opportunities for graduates and undergraduates to fully participate in the research process. It is a uniquely compelling time to be in psychology as well as to train those entering the field. The Department’s research contributions of today will clearly be impacting the field of tomorrow.

To learn more about the research of our faculty, you can view their individual research profiles and their lab sites in the Research Labs section of the website.