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Internal Opportunities: There are lab and office-related positions available at Columbia University and the information below can help guide you to the appropriate resource:

  1. Check the Research Labs page to see if there is a specific lab or office where you would like to apply.
  2. Inquires should be addressed to individual faculty members whose research areas are of particular interest to you.
  3. Inquiries from Columbia undergraduates regarding work-study positions can be directed to the or directly to faculty
  4. You must be a Columbia student eligible for Federal Work Study in order to be hired for work-study positions but you do not have to be a Psychology major to apply for work-study positions in the Psychology Department.
  5. Applicants please make sure to supply the following information:
    • Name
    • Expected graduation date
    • School/Major
    • Skills offered
    • References
    • Faculty member name whose research is of interest to you
    • Available hours
    • Areas of interest within psychology
External Opportunities: Are sent directly to our faculty members who will circulate the opportunity at their discretion. Electronic submission to of a printable advertisement flyer (see example) which can be posted on a campus bulletin board is also acceptable. If your company offers frequent Psychology-related internships, please contact us so we can add your company name and contact information to the alphabetical lists on our Internships links.

Research Assistant Positions

Internship and Volunteer Positions

Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute/Child Psychiatric Epidemiology Group, Unpaid Internship:

  • The internship program will entail working on multiple aspects of our ongoing research projects, including recruitment, interviews and data collection, maintenance of research data and administrative support.
  • The internship position also provides an opportunity to become involved in other research projects in CPEG, with the potential to collaborate on scholarly work.
  • Please email your resume and availability to
    • Ms. Thao Doan at
    • Child Psychiatric Epidemiology Group
      Fax: 212-781-6050
      Columbia University-NYSPI
      Department of Child Psychiatry
      1051 Riverside Drive, Unit 43
      Room 5219
      New York, NY 10032
Posted on May 5, 2014

Miscellaneous Positions

Nightline Barnard-Columbia Peer Counseling Referrals
  • Nightline is Columbia and Barnard's anonymous, nonjudgmental peer counseling hotline available to help get students through the night.
  • Nightline supports its callers by providing both a listening and referral service.
  • Nightline counselors are trained Barnard and Columbia undergraduate students.
  • Information sessions for training are held at the beginning of each semester.
  • Anyone interested in volunteering for Nightline should contact Nightline directors at .

Work-Study Positions 2014-2015 

Currently Enrolled Columbia Students with a Federal Work Study Grant May Apply

Research Assistant, Communication Neuroscience Laboratory

  • Part-time (20hrs. week) to analyze video with audio of song tutoring and song learning in developing song birds
  • Carefully document behavorial events such as tutor singing, tutor-tutee interactions, juvenile vocalizing, juveniles' beak movements during tutor singing, changes in singing behavior over development, eating and sleeping.
  • If interested, please contact Dr. Sarah Woolley at