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Nadav Antebi
Graduate Student

General Area of Research

Positive psychology of sexuality and gender, protective attributes of stigma, sexual & gender identity and well-being (LGBTQQIA), social and personality development, and stereotypes and prejudice.

Current Research

I am interested in the positive and protective attributes of stigma and minority membership. From a social constructionist perspective, I argue that the same discriminatory sociocultural structures and factors that create and encourage stigma (e.g., homophobia) can also serve as catalysts for positive qualities and well-being. For example, my Master's thesis studied the question: "Why is it gay to be gay?"

Nadev Antebi Photo

Columbia University
Psychology Dept.
Sociomedical Sciences Dept.
Mailman School of Public Health
R556 Med. Ctr.
New York, NY 10027

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