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James Cornwell
Graduate Sutdent

General Area of Research

Moral judgments, ethical decision-making, shared reality.

Current Research

My primary focus is on the motivational underpinnings of our moral judgments.  I'm also interested in how current research in the decision sciences can be used to better understand how we make ethical decisions, and how these decisions can be influenced by our prior cultural and religious affiliations and roles.  Additionally, I'm interested in how shared reality contributes to constructing a moral universe, and how it influences the way we interact with those who either do or do not share that same constructed universe.

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Columbia University
Psycholody Dept.
328-329 Schermerhorn
1190 Amsterdam Avenue MC: 5501
New York, NY 10027

Phone: 212-854-8464
Fax: 212-854-3609

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