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Rahia Mashoodh
Graduate Student

General Area of Research

developmental psychobiology, behavioural neuroscience, epigenetics, neuroendocrinology

Current Research

I am interested in how social experiences acquired across the lifespan could be inherited by, and impose specific developmental trajectories, upon on future generations of offspring via their influences on pre- and postnatal environments. In particular, I am interested in the development of neural systems mediating fear, anxiety, reproductive and social behaviours. Further, I am interested in the adaptive significance of epigenetic changes in offspring and their implications for the evolution of behavioural traits.

Rahia Mashoodh Photo

Columbia University
Psychology Dept.
252 Schermerhorn Ext
1190 Amsterdam Avenue MC: 5501
New York, NY 10027

Phone: 212-854-2490
Fax: 212-854-3609

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