Exam Precaution Tips


Columbia University in the City of New York


                  Crime Prevention Tips During Exam Periods


During exam times, thefts of personal property seem to increase. We ask you to be vigilant in safeguarding your possessions. Please do not leave them unattended, even for a few minutes.

·         Be mindful of your surroundings while in the library, lounges, and cafeteria. Students often get so involved in their studies that they tune out their surroundings, thereby creating an opportunity for a theft to occur.

·         Do not leave your backpacks, laptops, cell phones, books, pocketbooks, CD players, etc., unattended & unsecured.

·         While in the library, “TEAM UP” with a friend to watch your property while you take a break and then you do the same for them.

·         Remember to lock your room door, even if you are only going next door or to the bathroom for a minute,

·         Do not prop open doors.

As always, report suspicious activity to Public Safety RIGHT AWAY! @ The Morningside Campus 854-5555 or 99 on campus. @ The Medical Center Campus 305-8100 or 5-7979 on campus.