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Personal Safety Tips


              Personal Safety—Street Smarts


Four ways to increase your personal safety:

1-Reduce or eliminate opportunities that make you a target.

2-Remain alert, even in places you’re most comfortable.

3-Trust your instincts, even if it makes you feel self conscious

4-Prepare your daily schedule with safety in mind.  



   Walking–Be Street Smart

Use well populated and well lit streets. If you suspect you’re being followed, stay away from deserted blocks and head for an area where there are many people, or the nearest open store or a Public Safety SAFE HAVEN (RED LION DECAL ON WINDOW).

Ask the storeowner to call 911 or CU Public Safety. If you’re being driven home, ask the driver to wait until you are safely inside. Use Public Safety ’s Escort Service  (854-SAFE at  M.S. campus or 305-8100 at H.S. campus). If you have a cell phone, program the Escort & Public Safety Emergency numbers:

212-854-5555 at MS Campus & 212-305-8100 at MC Campus.





Have your keys ready before you get to the door. Look back before entering you’re building or home. If you live in an apartment, close the lobby door behind you, especially if a stranger is approaching. Make all visitors and delivery persons use the doorbell. When placing name on mailboxes or on your bell, use only the last name, e.g., The Smiths.


When recording an outgoing message on your answering machine, avoid leaving your name, phone number or a message that indicates you’re not at home. A good message is, “We are unable to answer the phone. Please leave a message.” Say it confidently.


As always, report suspicious activity to Public Safety RIGHT AWAY! @ The Morningside Campus 854-5555 or 99 on campus. @ The Medical Center Campus 305-8100 or 5-7979 on campus. _____________________________________