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             Harassing, Obscene Phone Calls are Against the Law


Receiving unwanted calls can be frustrating and sometimes frightening. However, in most cases, the calls can be stopped by using some simple but effective techniques. These calls are made for any number of reasons, broken relationships, an unhappy employee or co-worker, callers who simply hang up if someone other than the person they’re calling answers. Often they’re placed by someone you know. The key to handling the calls is not to react to them. Reacting could encourage the caller.  In Addition,

·         HANG UP when you    realize the call is intended to harass you.

·         BEWARE of persons claiming to be the police, a doctor or a university official. Get their number and call them back.

·         KEEP TRACK of the date and time of the calls to determine a pattern. This can help you narrow the possible suspects.

REPORT harassing calls to your telephone carrier and the police or, if you live on campus, Columbia University Dept. of Public Safety 854-5555  (MS campus) or 305-7979 (MC campus). Calls can be traced and forwarded to the Police for investigation and possibly, conviction.  \


As always, report suspicious activity to Public Safety RIGHT AWAY! @ The Morningside Campus 854-5555 or 99 on campus. @ The Medical Center Campus 305-8100 or 5-7979 on campus.