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Department of Public Safety - Investigations and Technology

The mission of the Division of Investigations is to review and follow up on every incident to ensure that all reasonable actions have been taken to resolve the matter. We provide a caring nurturing environment to victims and witnesses. Although many complaints are not criminal in nature, the Division of Investigations will work with you to resolve even a minor complaint or problem.

The Division of Investigations is assisted at various phases of an investigation by other members in the Department. Investigations proceed under the direction of the Director. Incidents are reviewed and a course of action is determined. Contact with the victim is made and, if warranted, an investigation is launched. Law enforcement agencies are informed, and assistance is rendered when appropriate. Victims and witnesses are afforded assistance, including accompanying them through the entire court process, when appropriate. Confidential reports are prepared to document the findings of these investigations.

The Division of Technology assists members of the University in identifying programs and products that will enhance the safety of students, staff, faculty, and visitors. Additionally, the Division of Technology will assist in the development and installation of products designed to protect the physical assets of the University.

The Division of Technology also manages University ID card access. This office, located in Room 111A Low Library, is responsible for ensuring the proper access to physical spaces on campus that the University ID Card provides to students, faculty, and staff. A web-based tool has been developed for cardholders to use when encountering ID card access problems in campus locations. To request access, click on Students, faculty, and staff may continue to call the Physical Security Support helpline at 212-854-8500, Monday to Friday, during business hours.