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                        Campus Alert Sign up

Sign up for Text Message Notifications, if you would like to receive them. Text messages sent to cell phones will be used in rare cases when a very brief message can be sent. Some possible scenarios for choosing to send a text message include weather emergencies, major transit interruptions and campus closures. The University also will continue to use email, phone and in-person communications.
  1. For Employees

    • Visit
    • Log in using your UNI and password
    • Click on the "Faculty & Staff" tab at the top of the page
    • Click on "Update Personal Information"
    • Click on Self service
    • Under Personal Information choose "Phone Numbers"
    • Click on "Add a Phone Number"
    • Select "Mobile" from the phone type and add your mobile phone number
    • Click "Save"

  2. For Students

To reach the Department of Public Safety for a security, fire or medical emergency dial:
Morningside - On campus- x4-5555 / Off campus- 212-854-5555
Medical Center - On campus-305-7979 / Off campus- 212-305-8100
To contact the New York City Police/Fire Department or Ambulance service dial: 911