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                        Department of Public Safety
To reach the Department of Public Safety for a security, fire or medical emergency dial:
Morningside - On campus- 4-5555 / Off campus- 212-854-5555
Medical Center - On campus-305-7979 / Off campus- 212-305-8100
To contact the New York City Police/Fire Department or Ambulance service dial: 911 

Senior Management

To contact our senior management staff, please click on their names below. 
James F. McShane, Vice President for Public Safety
Deidre M Fuchs, Director of Investigations
John Gerrish, Director, Administration and Planning
Jeannine Jennette, Executive Director, Medical Center
Monte Long, Director, Operations Morningside Campus
Konrad Motyka, Director, Operations Manhattanville Campus
John Murolo, Director, Morningside Campus Area Operations
Peter Phalon, Director, Technology Projects
Yiling Tang, Director, Technology Systems

If you wish to contact any other member of the management/administrative team please click on the names below:

Morningside Campus

Mahmood Ahmad, Financial Assistant
Daniel Ayala, Process Control Analyst
Kevin Caraballo, Process Control Analyst
Patrick Danville, Assistant Director of Training and Development
Mary Dooley, Senior Administrative Coordinator
Joseph Favia, CAD System Manager
Naomi Furusawa Stratton, Associate Director, Budget and Finance
John Garvey, Investigator
Josh Heisler, Assistant Director, Technology Systems
Linda Horwath, Project Manager
Ricardo Morales, Assistant Director, Crime Prevention
Rocco Osso, Manager, Manhattanville Operations
Denis O'Sullivan, Associate Director, Investigations
Delano Steele, Captain
Brian Tesseyman, Senior Investigator
Anthony Trabucco, Manager of Administrative Support Services
Jillian Vincenty, Assistant Manager of Administrative Support Services
Brian Violetto, Fire Safety Officer
Cameron Walker-Miller, Coordinator, Technology Systems
Jay Zwicker, Assistant Director, Administration & Planning

Medical Center Campus

John Biggs, Manager of Technology Projects
Brian Brady, Assistant Director Investigations and Technology
Karla Buchting, Manager
Elvin Christian, Administrative Assistant
Joselin Herrera, Manager, CUMC Administration and ID office
Yira Liberata, Administrative Coordinator
Lucas Pena, Investigator