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               Deparment of Public Safety - Your Observations

Please let us know what you think...

The Public Safety Department welcomes your comments concerning our service to the Columbia community.
  • You may contact us at any hour by calling:
    Morningside - On campus- x4-5555 / Off campus- 212-854-5555
    Medical Center - On campus-305-7979 / Off campus- 212-305-8100
  • You may send correspondence to:
    Columbia University Department of Public Safety
    535 W 116th Street, Room 101 Low Library, Mail Code 4301
    New York, NY 10027
  • OR
  • You may email:
  • OR
  • To report annonymously, you may submit your information below.
    You may remain annonymous, however, if you would like to provide your email address or contact information below you will be contacted as to the resolution of your concern.