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Emergency Notification


To reach the Department of Public Safety  for a security,  fire, or medical emergency, dial:

Morningside On campus- 4-5555 / Off campus- 854-5555

Medical Center 212-305-8100

To contact the New York City Police/Fire Department or  Ambulance service dial:  911

Campus Map

The Department of Public Safety maintains emergency call boxes throughout the area.  


Crime/Loss Report


In the event you are the victim of a crime or you experience a loss of property, please contact the Department of Public Safety immediately. The Department of Public Safety is responsible for accepting reports related to thefts or loss and then conducting whatever investigations are necessary. 


To report a crime at the Morningside campus dial:
 for Emergencies On campus- 4-5555 / Off campus 854-5555.
 For non-emergencies at Morningside 854-2797

To report a crime at the Medical Center campus dial:
 For Emergencies 212-305-8100.
 For non-emergencies at Medical Center 305-8100

To report a crime to the police in an emergency dial: 911.
 For non-emergency dial your local precinct:
   Morningside - (26Pct. - 678-1311)
     (24 Pct. 678-1811 - South of 110th Street)
   Medical Center - (33Pct.- 927-3200)
     (34 Pct. 927-9711- North of 179th Street)


Information Line


The Department of Public Safety has an information line full of useful crime prevention tips. Call 854-INFO(4636) for regularly updated tips.


Property Removal


In order to maintain a secure environment, property must be accounted for when being removed from any building.  Property passes should be obtained through your department administrator (Medical Center) or via an authorized letter (Morningside).  Property passes MUST be approved by the department head or designee and presented to Public Safety personnel upon request.


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The Department of Public Safety provides escorts within the Columbia University vicinity.  During the academic year,  the Department utilizes trained student escorts to assist with this service between the hours of 7 P.M. and 3 A.M..  At all other times,  a Public Safety member will dispatch a staff member to escort affiliates within the designated surrounding area.  For additional information,  please consult the Public Safety Annual Report.

Escort Service -Morningside Campus: Call 854- SAFE (4-SAFE).

Escort Service - Medical Center Campus: Call  212-305-8100 7-8100).


Shuttle Bus Information


The University provides The Morningside Heights Shuttle Bus within the Morningside campus vicinity during the evening hours, when classes are in session.  An  Intercampus Shuttle Bus also operates between the Morningside campus, the Medical Center campus and Harlem Hospital. 


For information regarding the Lamont Shuttle click here.


Finger Printing


The University provides finger printing. This service is performed at the Public Safety Office located in Low Library Room 111. Please call before walking in to ensure there is qualified finger printing personnel available. Walk-in arrangements are normally provided for during the hours of 9:30am through 2:30pm, Monday through Friday, however, accommodations can be made during weekend hours, weekday evenings and nights by calling the Office at 212-854-2797 to ensure qualified personnel is available.


Lost & Found


Morningside Campus

The Department of Public Safety maintains a lost and found desk.  If you have lost property, you may inquire at Low Library, room 111.  The public safety operations desk is always open.  If you find property you may turn it in to any Public Safety officer or at the Public Safety operations desk.  Please remember to request a receipt when turning in property. Telephone inquiries may be made to 854-2797.


Medical Center Campus

The lost and found desk is located in the Black Building, Room 109.  Telephone inquiries may be made to 212-305-8100.


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Your Observations


The Public Safety Department welcomes your comments concerning our service to the Columbia community.  You may contact us at any hour by calling: Morningside  854-2796 / Medical Center 212-305-8100.  You may send any correspondence to: 


Columbia University Department of Public Safety

Room 101 Low Library Mail Code 4301

535 W 116 Street

New York, New York  10027


or e-mail:


Guard Service Information


The Department of Public Safety supplies additional coverage for special events.  Departments wishing to utilize this service should contact the Director of Special Operations for rates and any restrictions. Telephone number 854-6797.


Service Complaints


Service complaints allow us to review our policies and procedures, monitor our personnel and implement changes when

necessary. The Department of Public Safety welcomes your feedback in order to provide a safe and secure environment

in the Columbia community. The Department accepts service complaints at any time of the day and any day of the week. 

Complaints may be registered in person (MS - 101 Low Library / CUMC - 109 Black Bldg.), by telephone (MS  212-854-2797 / CUMC 212- 305-8100) , by fax (MS 212- 932-0798 / CUMC 212- 305-5434), 

e-mail ( or by letter.  Clicking on this link can access a copy of our Service Complaint Form. The Service Complaint Form is in a .PDF file format.  You will need to use Acrobat Reader to view the form.  You may report complaints anonymously,  if you choose.  Once a complaint is forwarded, a case number is assigned and you will be notified of the outcome of the investigation.  Service complaints concerning other departments within the University will be accepted and referred to the appropriate party within the University.


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