RCSS-TCC Impressions and Final Papers

The 2017 RCSS-TCC interns are Sara Castro, Jenny Davis, Perry Kerner, and Eva PĂ©rez-Greene. Their blog posts and final papers will be posted later in 2017.

Summer 2016:

Blog Posts »

Jill Shah, "Caring for the Non-Communicative: Communicating with People Living with Huntington's Disease" »

Shannon Shipley, "Meet Me Where I Am: An Internal and External Assessment of Mental Disorder and Psychotropic Drug Treatment" »

Sophie McAllister, "Capacity in Practice" »

Summer 2015:

Blog Posts »

Tess Cersonsky, "Psychology and Psychiatry in Long-Term Care" »

Netana Markowitz, "A Place filled with Love, Life, and Sadness" [Huntington's Unit] »

Karen (Sophie) Park, "The Tune of Palliative Medicine" »

Summer 2014:

Blog Posts »

Rachel Chung, "Growing Pains" »

Joseph Quintas, "The Role of the Physician in the Nursing Home Health Care Team" »

Zoe Blake, "Igniting and Ethical Dilemma: The Smoking Policy" »

William Tang, "(In)dependence in Palliative Care" »

Summer 2013:

Bryana Williams, "Suggestions for an Emotionally Centered Approach to End of Life Care at Terence Cardinal Cooke" »

Michael Jiang, "Collagen and Conscience: Improving End of Life Care" »

Steve Kwon, "A Journey into Palliative Care and Reflections on EOL/Prognosis Communication" »

Kerstin Nolan, "Care through Communication" »

Summer 2012:

Rachel Schenkel, "Discrete Unit Advanced Directives Study" »

Summer 2011:

Blog Posts »

Ashley Shaw, "Proofreading the Final Chapter" »

Summer 2010:

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