Papers and reflections by Terence Cardinal Cooke (TCC) interns and volunteers can be found here.

RCSS Journal, Volume 1 (2016-2017)

Editor-in-Chief: Netana Markovitz

The journal is a platform where RCSS affiliates (students, faculty, etc.) can contribute essays, reflective in nature. The journal provides a forum for Columbia affiliates to share and discuss their experiences with science, service, and subjectivity. The journal publishes student, faculty, and affiliate reflections, papers, research articles, and other relevant material, such as visual art and other forms of expression. Inspired by the philosophy and supported by the administration of the Research Cluster on Science and Subjectivity, the journal seeks to provide a student-run extension of this research cluster that is open to members of the entire Columbia community. The journal serves as an extension of student's experiences volunteering at Terence Cardinal Cooke as well.

RCSS Journal, Volume 1 »

Robert Pollack, Civic Engagement and Life at the End of Life: Four Stories That Lead to Questions (Alternative Break Program ABP Gala" (2017) »

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