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VOL. 23, NO. 5OCTOBER 3, 1997


Rupp Delivers Progress Report and Fields Questions

By Tom Mathewson

At its first meeting of the year on Sept. 26, the University Senate approved three new academic programs, and heard reports about summer developments affecting the University and about new procedures for selecting the six "Senate-consulted" University Trustees.

  President George Rupp, the chairman, gave an extensive progress report on the University's capital projects; on collaborative efforts to improve admissions, advising, residential life, and fund raising in Columbia College; on a recently completed strategic plan to strengthen the School of Engineering and Applied Science; on an evolving alliance between Columbia's College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Cornell Medical College; on faculty recruiting and on government relations.

  He also fielded questions from senators about an external review of the Columbia Libraries completed last spring, Austin Quigley's relinquishment of the Columbia College deanship and his subsequent reinstatement, plans to rename the Engineering School, the use of the new Lerner Student Center after it is completed and a three-year-old Senate resolution calling for a teaching resource center.

  Sen. Emily Lloyd, executive vice president for administration, reported briefly on negotiations to renew the contract of clerical workers' Local 2110, which is set to expire this week. She said the University has sought a wage increase at around the inflation rate and measures to encourage productivity, achieve equity with other Columbia contracts, and contain health costs.

  Lloyd said that a chief concern of the union was "erosion" of the bargaining unit, and a restoration of jobs, lost in earlier years, that she said "would not be coming back." She expressed concern about an overall lack of progress in negotiations.

  Sen. Paul Duby, chairman of the Executive Committee, reported on an agreement on new procedures for selecting six of the University's 24 Trustees. He referred to a May 15 letter from President Rupp establishing arrangements for mutual consultation on the six Senate-consulted Trustees, in accordance with Section 5.3b of the Trustees' By-laws. Nominating subcommittees of the Senate and Trustees' executive committees will exchange names of possible Trustee nominees by Dec. 1, and a meeting between Trustee and Senate groups will take place before Mar. 1 to discuss possible nominees.

  Sen. Duby also reported on an arrangement, established in 1987, for regular meetings between subcommittees of the Trustee and Senate executive committees on issues of concern to the Columbia community. The arrangement, which was discontinued after a few meetings, will be revived this fall.

  The Senate unanimously approved resolutions to establish joint academic programs linking the Master of Business Administration with the Doctor of Medicine degrees and the M.B.A. with the Doctor of Dental Science degree, as well as a new M.A. program in the mathematics of finance.

  The Senate's next meeting will be on Fri., Oct. 24, at 1:15 P.M. in Schapiro Engineering Auditorium. Anyone with a CUID is welcome to attend.